Pro Street Bike Rules


Pro Streetbike (PST)

Pro Streetbike is open to Japanese and European Sportsbikes running faster than 9.99 Quarter mile. There is no year restriction on the Model of the Bike. Slick and Radial Tyres permitted. Maximum of 2 power adders permitted. Riders require a UDL Licence to compete, as a minimum. All bikes require a current ANDRA Tech Inspection and meet ANDRA Safety Requirements for the Bikes performance.



  • 3 Qualifying rounds
  • Chicago Shootout with the Top 2 Riders with the most points going to the Final
  • This is a Heads up Pro Tree


  • Unlimited Engine modifications permitted
  • Maximum of 2 power adders permitted (Refer to General Regulations &


  • Is required ( Refer to General Regulations 4.1.9)


  • Aftermarket Ignition Systems permitted


  • Data Loggers permitted
  • Aftermarket ECU’s and Controllers permitted
  • Power Shifters, Shift Kill and Engine Kill Devices permitted
  • Power Commanders and TRE’s permitted
  • Traction Control and Anti Wheel Stand Devices ProhibitedEach of the following must be a physical function of the Rider and be controlled manually. Each must occur immediately after the Rider’s input without delay devices of any type.
  • When a gear shift is made
  • When the Bike leaves the start line
  • When the throttle is opened or closed (OEM Fly by wire exempt)
  • When the brakes are operated (ABS systems permitted)

    Nitrous Oxide

    Permitted (Refer to General Regulations 4.1.12)

    Turbocharger, Supercharger

    Permitted (Refer to General Regulations 4.1.14)

    Fuel/Fuel Systems

  • Fuel Cells permitted.
  • All classes restricted to alcohol, pump or racing petrol only. Refer to ANDRA Homologated Fuels list and General Regulations 4.1.6, 4.1.7, 4.1.8


    Chain Guard


  • Exposed chains must be covered on their top run between the centre lines of the sprockets
  • Minimum material specifications for chain guards: 25mm (1 inch) by 3mm (1/8 inch) steel or alloy


  • Aftermarket clutch permitted
  • 2 stage, multistage or slider clutches permitted


  • Unlimited transmission modification permitted
  • Aftermarket transmissions permitted
  • Air shifters and power shifters permitted
  • Auto shifting prohibited
  • Refer to Electronics section above for gear shifting requirements

    Brakes and Suspension

  • Operative hydraulic front and rear brakes required as a minimum


  • Aftermarket front and rear suspension permitted
  • Minimum of 1 inch (25mm) travel required in front suspension
  • Lowering permitted provided that lowering links, struts and straps are those specifically manufactured for drag racing
  • Steering dampers highly recommended
  • Bolt and swing arm required
  • Swing arm may be extended or replaced by aftermarket item
  • Fully welded rear sections prohibited
  • Bolt on Struts may be used to lock up the rear of the chassis
  • No rear suspension movement required

    Wheelie Bars


    Body & Chassis


  • Bodywork from the same manufacturer of engine used
  • Fully faired models must use a ¾ fairing as a minimum
  • Naked bike models must at least have a facsimile of a headlight or nose fairing
  • In all cases bodywork may be stretched and or exaggerated to reflect the modifications to the chassis
  • Seat upholstery not required
  • Night lighting required. Refer to General Regulations 4.7.7


  • Permitted to a maximum of 12kg (26.4lbs)
  • Ballast may not be mounted to any part of the front suspension or associated equipment (includes forks, clamps, axle, brakes, wheel and tyre) Refer to General Regulation 4.4.2


  • Aftermarket purpose built chassis permitted
  • OEM frame modifications permitted but must be engineered appropriately


  • Maximum wheelbase of 75inches (1905mm) measured from the centre of the rear axle to the centre of the front axle

    Ground Clearance

  • Minimum ground clearance 2″ with Rider seated, legs forward with heels on the ground


  • Total weight of a minimum 480lbs/220kg including rider



  • Minimum rim diameter front and rear 16 inches (406mm)
  • Aftermarket rims permitted with a maximum width of 7 inches (177.8mm)Tyres
  • Slicks or DOT radial motorcycle tyres permitted providing they carry a sufficient speed rating for the performance of the bike
  • Rear “flat” slicks may not exceed 7 inches (177.8mm)


    ANDRA Tech Inspection:

    Required (Refer to General Regulations 4.9.10)


    Required (Refer to General Regulations 4.10.8)

    Protective Clothing

    Riders must wear full-face helmet, visor, full leather gloves, full leathers as a minimum and full leather boots extending at least 275mm (10.82 inches) from the base of heel. Refer to General Regulation 4.10.10

    Licence Requirements

    Riders competing in this class compete under a UDL licence as a minimum (Refer Credentials Section 4.10.3)


    Sponsor Decals

  • All Racers must display the event and class Sponsor Decals on both sides of the race vehicle at all times during the event
  • Decals must be in a prominent location, clearly visible as required by APSA Failure to do so will forfeit any prize purse posted and may lead to disqualification
  • No other event decals permitted

    Self Starting

  • Required
  • Push starts not permitted
  • Remote starter permitted
  • Firing of the engine must occur before the water burnout pad

    Tow Vehicles

    Permitted (Refer to General Regulations &


  • To be eligible to set a Pro Streetbike Class Record, vehicles must meet the minimum weight for the class and all class rules
  • Only Qualifying, Eliminations and Final Round Runs can be counted towards ET/MPH Records
  • To set a Record, it must be backed up by a second run within 1%
  • It is the Riders responsibility to present the bike to the Scrutineering Shed immediately after the run if they feel a Record has been set. Failure to do so will forfeit the Record
  • Officials will verify weight after a run if the Racer feels they have set a Record for that Class
  • The Record is only awarded to that Rider holding the Record at the end of the EventQUESTIONS


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Calder Round – February 25th


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