Welcome to APSA

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Welcome to APSA

APSA cars are Australia’s fastest streetcars, although not all cars in every class must be registered, they must come as close to appearing so as possible depending on class. APSA this year will attempt to hold shootouts Australian wide not excluding and state and will recognize times and achievements by all no matter where.

As you search through our site and rules you will notice we have created a class for all. Pro Street, Modified and True street are all strictly heads up racing; man vs man, the way Drag racing was first started up and in most people’s opinion, the most exciting way to watch.

APSA was first started off by a few racers in each state about ten years ago who all wanted to compromise times, cars and egos, but did not have a base level to set rules and results for all to know. A magazine came along and helped us drivers to keep in contact, but after a few fruitful years the magazine folded for no good reason and these drivers were left in the dark again, thus the reason for this web site to keep all interested in results, records, rule changes, to ten Australian standings in each class, up and coming events and anything else which may arise and concern people of this interest. APSA has also been set up as incorporation a non-profit organization.

Any money made by APSA will be put back in the sport either as prize money or in the bettering of APSA and all its members. We also hope to keep the racers and fans informed on any new entrants or movers in each class, if you haven’t got the gist of it yet, this is a web site for racers at heart, run by racers. This way we have direct control of our sports destination.

Enjoy further searching through our site.

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Next Event - Calder Round

Calder Round – February 25th


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