General Rules




For this exercise (APSA) the word “participant” shall include any person directly or indirectly associated with any vehicle that has been permitted to enter an event site for the purpose of competition, drivers and pit crew, it shall also include officials and any person related of that matter.

Participants at APSA events are expected, at all times, to conduct themselves in a professional and civilized manner. Any participant who verbally or physically threatens another person, uses derogatory language or wishes to engage in unsportsmanlike conduct detrimental to APSA and the sport of racing in any means or way, or creates a situation out of order shall have violated the rules and regulations of the APSA organization and motor racing as a sport, thus may lead to suspension or even dismissal from all APSA events and associate events as deemed by APSA.


All vehicles must comply with current ANDRA safety regulations relative to performance of vehicle.
No Street rods, hot rods, kit cars or any similar vehicles permitted of this nature.
Wheel base must remain within 3” of standard track. All vehicles must have operational cooling systems such as radiators and water pumps. Aftermarket radiators, min surface area 26″ x 11″ for total core size, can be 13″ x 11″ for 2 rows.
Electric water pumps are permitted. Radiators must be mounted in factory position. Radiators are permitted to be moved either left or right, up and down but must remain fixed in front of the motor on either side of the radiator support.
All vehicles must have operational headlights, cooling and charge systems (alternators optional in Pro Street) and minimum two front seats. All vehicles must be self starting.
ENGINE SPECS, see class rules.
FUEL, any ANDRA approved fuel permitted except nitro. (Outlaw Radial & 10.5 Outlaw Exempt)



The word decals for this purpose will be defined as any sign writing, stickers or lettering on competing vehicles. Decals are restricted to 20% of the total surface area of the car, thus may be placed anywhere on the vehicle. Meaning decals can only take up to 20% of the cars total area. Vehicles must install APSA decals and class eg. TRUE STREET at all major events on front and side windows


Running a National Class Record or breaking into the Top Ten of a particular class is a prestigious award and should be treated as such. All runs must be backed up by corresponding time slips and should be brought to the attention of an APSA state technical inspector or director of ASAP. The vehicle must be checked and weighed upon running the record by an APSA delegate, committee member or official. It is the responsibility of the driver, owner or crew to bring this to the attention of the APSA official else the record will not be recognized.
Any vehicle which has suspicion concerning the validity of the run or of the car in question may be refused acknowledgment for that pass or even dismissal or suspension from APSA and associated events at the discretion of the committee.
A backup run within 3% of the run in question is required to enter the official APSA Top Ten. A further backup run is required annually to keep the time valid within the Top Ten listing.
If two or more contestants tie for the fastest and quickest time to the hundredth of a mph/sec the first car to post the time shall be deemed with the record but both cars and owner’s names will appear in the Top Ten listing at the same rank.

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