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    Mr. Cve

    Thank you for putting this up, I have just put it on the APSA members discussion forum on “Stalkbook” !!

    I did not put your name to it, but can if you want.

    And please any other topics for discussion, the APSA people would like to hear.


    in reply to: Rules questions in Outlaw 10.5 and outlaw extreme #12715

    Mr. Cve

    I ask, because my car incurred a 😥 modification 😥 at Portland.

    This means it will need some work, I am trying to decide what to do.

    But I think my time with MSB will come to an end. 😮
    The car itself I will fix as it isn’t that bad, but I doubt I will race it again.

    in reply to: SA Top 10 #12711

    Mr. Cve

    Would the times have to be at an APSA event ? or local event ?

    I ask because we went 7.34 at a non APSA event and 7.64 at an APSA event.

    Would love the 7.34 to be in the top 10 :mrgreen:

    in reply to: slicks in radial class and other issues ?? #12709

    Mr. Cve

    @pistolpete wrote:

    Please dont assume I am for or against any of these rules.

    Im just trying to establish what was already agreed to (Radial vs the Word) and what was already posted up as complete rules.

    At the end of the day, they are rules that have been up since start of 2014, However if the majority Outlaw Radial members want to modify them then thats a different discussion.

    Again, I think its a case of people not completely understanding what they agreed to, as an objective outsider looking in.


    Pete, that is a very good point. Perhaps at the time, people were not aware of the WHOLE ruling that was agreed to.

    Another good reason to perhaps revise the rules so it is easy for the racers and easy for the officials to police.

    in reply to: slicks in radial class and other issues ?? #12706

    Mr. Cve

    @pistolpete wrote:

    @andrew M wrote:
    So with out sounding like a pest and asking a question that has already possibly been answered either here or on the Facebook and me not understanding it, can any car CURRENTLY run a 29×10.5(non W) slick or is it not wrote clearly in the rules and this was intend to give the 28/9 sports compact style cars somewhere to race?

    Are the rules staying as they are for a period of time at the moment or are they going to be re looked at as my car is also being redone at the moment , just if there is going to be major changes I’ll hold out, I don’t have a problem with the rules (less this radial tire drama) but just would be good to know what is planed ahead for the class?

    Andrew, the way the rules read they are crystal clear that you can run a Slick in any style car that meets all the other rules in OR. I think if the intention was to limit Slicks to 4/6 & rotaries it would be written that way.

    Just to clear it up, as you can see from the post below when these rules were suggested and agreed to – its not Outlaw Radial that was introduced…. Its was Radial Vs the World which allows radial cars to race against Slick cars in an anything goes style:


    So all the people that were ‘allegedly consulted and agreed to” as stated in the above thread were:

    Franky dandy engines
    Khan hr
    Steve bessina
    Perry bulivant
    Jamie farmer
    Jay Goodwin
    Jason Barnett
    Darren mood
    Scott’y Hoffman
    Keth vt from cv
    Nathan farrugia
    Matt turnbull
    Stu Henry
    Johnny Wilson
    Po tung
    Milan opelic
    Stix man

    Please dont take this as me blaming anyone, just trying to point out how it come about and where from and how long ago (Jan 2014).


    Keep in mind that is ONLY about the weight breaks for outlaw radial, it has NOTHING to do with the slicks rules.

    in reply to: SA Top 10 #12695

    Mr. Cve

    That is a good question.
    If I recall you had to run the times at an APSA event.
    That is why my 7.34 did not count in the APSA times :(

    Or maybe it was for the times run at a SA track.

    That is how it used to be, not sure what it is now.

    in reply to: slicks in radial class and other issues ?? #12692

    Mr. Cve

    Thanks for that Pete.
    The protest system is good, but ( in my opinion only ) should be a last resort.

    I think the cars need to be checked more.
    It shouldn’t really be up to the other racers to check their opponent and “dob” on them via protest.
    The governing body should be there to ensure we are all in a fair class.

    Especially if ( for example ) you miss out on racing the final because you were beat in the rounds prior by a car that wasn’t legal.

    I am not saying that has happened to me, but is extremely possible. and can happen at any event.

    Oh I wasn’t accusing you personally of altering the rules, I apologise if it came across that way, 😳

    I know some of the rules may be considered silly or pointless, in that case discuss it( or what you choose ) and get rid of them, so it is simpler to police the important rules.

    P.S I love APSA and want to ensure it grows, as I think it has a positive future.

    Again only my opinion.


    in reply to: Calder Park Rumors #12687

    Mr. Cve

    Thank you Pistol Pete for your reply.

    in reply to: 2015 Round 1 – Portland Update #12607

    Mr. Cve

    That’s great news.

    Also great stuff from Five Star !
    And yes they guys at Portland are awesome.
    I can’t wait ! 😀

    in reply to: Everyone asking what rules are changing? #12637

    Mr. Cve

    I won MSB at the finals, on a holeshot, so even if you are not the quickest, be good on the tree.

    Trust me Heads up racing rocks !! 😆

    in reply to: APSA Grand finals 29th November Sydney Dragway #12616

    Mr. Cve

    Sounds great will be there.

    And the Feb meeting makes me very happy ! Can’t wait 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    in reply to: Roll call ! APSA Grand Finals 29th Nov Sydney Dragway #12615

    Mr. Cve

    Entered earlier this week, see you there ! 😀

    in reply to: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMNT..APSA Under New Management. #12610

    Mr. Cve

    Thanks to the leaving APSA crew for building APSA to what it is today.
    It made me push and strive to achieve goals I never thought possible.

    Oh and also introduced me to a great bunch of friends. 😀

    in reply to: Sydney Rnd2 Awsome Meeting….Lots of PB’s #12541

    Mr. Cve

    Thanks, yes it was 7.65 @188.9 mph.

    We finally got a full pass in start to finish, and thats what came out the other end.
    Unfortunately at the other end we had a small exhaust leak which burnt the rocker cover gasket and leaked methanol filled oil on the exhaust and started a small fire.
    It burnt 4 ignition leads which I did not have spares :(
    So I had to pull out at the last minute.
    However I had an awesome weekend.

    Ray puts on an awesome track and team, sad to see him go.

    APSA as always puts on an awesome event which makes the racers come from far and wide want to come and race.

    I also had to thank Guy Hall in the Mercedes, who helped me at the other end when I had the small fire incident. :)

    I brought a new crew guy with me this weekend, and he loved it, he loved everypart of it and is hooked. He loved the cars, the racing, but also the friendliness and social side in the pits. And that is also why I love it :)

    in reply to: dash 10 breather hoses #12398

    Mr. Cve

    Ok I will answer.
    I am not from Sydney, but I think there is a little shop near you called Rocket Industries. 😆
    They sell Aeroflow.

    Or if you want Australian made fittings MCSC, not sure where they are.

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