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    @DEBENZ wrote:

    My small block mod street blown car was 3050 pounds with the gasser engine, thats about 400 pound overweight. I think a lot of us could get some weight out of our cars if we really had to. Just depends how much you are prepared to butcher and cut. My car still has wood grain window surrounds, heavy steel bumpers, leather rear seat and door trims and even the factory bus size steering wheel and ash tray. Thats my choice, i like it that way, i am prepard to sacrifice a few tenths to keep it looking that way. If you want to win, build light, build a Capri.

    a Capri isn’t that light. we run a 4L full alloy V8, 2 little 62mm turbo’s, comes in at just under 3100lbs. we took the passenger seat, steel boot and steel bonnet changed to fibreglass that took off around 80lbs, so was still just on 3000lbs. maybe it’s just our car but it didn’t like the weight taken off, we had to put the steel bonnet back on as it just wanted to lift, no wheelie bars at the moment, so there is some more weight 😆

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    sounds great, well done guys. it’s been fantastic to see the magazines, fans and drivers all getting behind the APSA. 16000 fans at Calder for a Pro-Street meet compared to maybe 1000 at an ANDRA Pro Series with Top Fuellers is a credit to yourselves and the organisers 😀

    i’m hanging to get the car finished and give Outlaw 10.5 a go in March/May.

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    @Adrian Hodgson wrote:

    @Bad061 wrote:
    U should keep the luggage rack on her 4 sure!!

    Told you I wouldn’t be the only one to say that Big Paulie.

    if i can fab up an aerofoil style wing with it, i will keep it :)

    maybe nickname the build Project ‘granny-spec’ leave the luggage rack, put the blinds on the back window, the light tint strip on the windscreen, wood panelling 😆

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    well done guys, have seen the car a couple times, great build.

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    @rokn03 wrote:

    TTCTTFMF…………..great to see another proline/dandy engine sbf rattling the big blocks.congrats joe on your stout runs and bieng the new no1 msb.

    twin turbo’s no.1 in MSB and PSB great stuff, same engine builders i bet the guys are 😀

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    thanx Johnny, Joe’s current Capri will be getting a few upgrades also, his goal was to make the Top 10 but he didn’t think he would get booted out soooo quick 😆 within the next few months we will be putting bigger rear housings on the turbo’s, adding a CDI, removable wheelie bars (he still wants to drive the car to the track to race :P) and throwing a few pounds more boost, it’s only on 26psi now should see 35psi without a problem, hopefully all that equates to another 150-200hp he would love to run a 7-sec pass but i think 8.0-8.1 might be the best, anyone else would be ecstatic running 8.3’s in a street car but not Joe 😆

    i’m excited to get the Fopar out soon (i call it Fopar because its a ford engine in a dodge/mopar car but other people call it faux pas (pronounced same way) because it’s a mistake should be a hemi engine in a ford :lol:) i’m confident we can get it sorted out pretty quick, Grooveryder is very clicked on when it comes to sorting out a chassis and i have one of the best tuners in the world tuning it, we are trying something different in terms of tuning, alot of people either look at me weird or find it intriguing the car is actually being tuned over the internet. the tuner connects to my laptop as its on the dyno and all the data get’s fed to him in real time, so he knows exactly what the engine is doing as it happens without being there. i may be in luck one of the top modular engine builders in the US is actually in Australia at the moment, they have a super quick 7.6/180+mph drag radial Mustang i’m trying to organise him to come down while the car is being tuned.

    pics of the shell of the capri we will be using for the new car, Joe wants the car in MSB i wouldn’t mind putting it in Outlaw Radial. Radial and 10.5 are my 2 favourite classes to watch race.

    no we won’t be keeping the luggage rack 😆

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    well done mate, great to see a turbo car at the top and a Ford 😛

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    thanx guys.

    hey, i’m Joe’s brother Paul, we are happy to have joined APSA and make it into the Top 10 with the lil black nugget. it’s been a personal goal of Joe’s (and everyone who has helped) for the last 6 or so months. Joe has owned the car for around 20 years, and was all about staying NA till he jumped in our other brother’s 2JZ 3L Turbo Corolla (hopefully this will be in the PSB list very soon ran a best of 8.0@174 its on pump gas E85) he wanted to keep the car streetable as he drives it a few times a week and he wanted to still have a quick car. everything is to RTA rules and engineered.

    after we finish the car we are doing for Outlaw 10.5 we are working on a new MSB Capri (this one won’t be driven to the track unfortunately it’s 24ci more than we can legally go :lol:) its a 281ci 4.6L Ford Modular modular motor with a 91-94mm turbo (possibly twin turbo now after seing what PSIDUP has done with 2 69mm turbo’s) we are looking to run mid-7’s with it.

    just a couple little things if u can fix them up please Johnny, the surname u got wrong its Geri. it ran a new PB that same weekend of 8.34@164.45 here’s the video of the pass we are racing again this weekend hopefully we can improve the ultimate goal is to have a completely legal 7-second street car it may take a while but we eventually hope to get there.

    Joe wanted to say a big thanks to all those that helped with the car,
    Vince Rigoli (engine tuning)
    Mario Teuma (all around big help from chassis tuning to helping with engine)
    my brothers John & Paul
    Keith, Elliot (pit crew)
    Norm from Northmead Auto’s
    Jake Bain fron Bain Racing (all the engine fab work)
    GoMac for screwing the engine together.

    we had a few doubters on the little Jap engine but it has done us proud 😆

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