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    I think the big issue here is, every time someone or a couple of cars bomb a class, entrant numbers dive

    Its happened through all the classes going right back to T&M black capri

    Australia is going through tuff financial times, All the old original classes are down???

    Chicago shootout was a good idea, maybe this needs to be explained to new entrants more

    275 is popular for two reason, it has a et cut off atm and a lots of car fit the rules

    Some of the rules have gone too far….you cant change them back, not fair to the people building cars
    This kills classes quicker than you think……can take 2-5 years building a car

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    I will get some time slips etc from the guys i know who’s cars are legal and forward them onto

    See if this can get a APSA culture happening here in SA

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    Correct If i am wrong

    But to be in the National top ten you have to have run those times at a APSA event

    To be in a state by state eg SA or VIC etc top ten, you just need your car to be verified by a APSA delegate.

    I ask for a SA top ten list some time ago, which MR Habbib organised for SA
    but have struggled to get more than 2 cars for each class.

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    whilst we are at it
    General rules for mod street is missing (can remove inner guards if bolt in)
    This needs to be put back in

    I can show it was in general rules before, been a long time rule

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    Cheers Mark & Johnny
    Thanks for all your help on the phone
    I recommend to anyone building a new car, to go through this process
    Cant wait to see how close to minimum weight, I can get this car 😀

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    @doz08z wrote:

    1/4 mile big tracks, Sydney, Willowbank and Calder (if we go back)….sufficient braking, better track prep and setup for safety…

    1/8 mile Regionals, Portland, Heathcote, Benarby, Mackay, Mildura, Warwick etc, safer, less stress on cars, better turn around, better chance for points for slower cars, closer racing…

    Spit the series into two even sets, Ie Three meets a year at big tracks, three meets a year at Regionals….Simple, do both, just like we did this year…

    The TOP 10 has big tradition and has been based on the 1/4 mile for long time…I don’t think we should change it…

    Just a suggestion from me personally in the end it has to be a, majority descision by all of us…Committee Delegates and racers…
    My two cents.

    Like this ^^^^

    1/8 Cheaper…LOL….the price you pay for being at the pointy end of the competition


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    Maybe its the axle breaking traction holding them back.

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    Any Idea of numbers entered for round 2 Portlands.

    Not long now :)

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    Have entered MSU

    Cheers Guys for organising one down south 😀

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    sweet!!….keep coming

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    @Drewy wrote:

    Keen to go to Adelaide for some Pro Street Racing , seeing there is none in Vic Next Year :(

    Cheers for hepling the cause

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    Iam with the rest….did not see this coming……….. keep the alloy blocks for pro street

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    Sweet mate 😀 ,
    I think this will help racers here in South Oz feel more welcome to come on board and be apart of the best drag racing action going around.

    I made some calls today, ask all the guys that are not a member to …..sign up

    My fellow S.A racers please feel free to send me a private message to discuss where you can best fit in what class….so as to work out some numbers.
    My email address is

    One would think this would be run under ANDRA lic


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    Congratulations….Mr MSU/ Tony Cusolito

    Have always admired your top end speed….finally a et that matches your MPH.

    A betting man would say……lower ets to come……not saying it will be easy, I can see from fullboost videos……you have your hands full driving that beast.

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    @anarcy racing wrote:

    as i said before rules arnt whats stopping us from full fields
    Standard suspension points is what mod street is about
    If people want to run ladder bar or 4 link let em throw radials on and run radial outlaw Im sick of seeing classes ruined under the pretext that it will bring more cars lots talk the talk but never enter when events come around

    Whats your take on whats stopping MSU getting full feilds ????

    I totally agree with your take on Standard suspension points is what mod street is about….its what got me hooked on mod street 😀

    The lack of numbers time and time again makes me think….. us guys in MSU have to be prepaired for some changes to get more racers to the track.
    It cant be fun racing MSU and having the class joined with MSB, as not enough NA mod streets racing…….better than nothing atm

    Iam think 3/4 of the feild will always be made up from local N/A….. racers that might not have a big budget and not want to build a new car, and or travel.

    Now we have to think how are we going to get more cars………..grabs some cars already racing….and ….. or…..get more guys interested….and want to build a light weight big cube monsters……these bullets/cars are world class…but not everyone has $$$ or desire to sell up and go heads up with these guys….

    This is why, I was think of sugesting only….open up the rules on rear suspension…grabs some competition. Because these guys with N/A cars with lader bar/ 4 link with small tyres have only 3 bad choices ……… dial your own or your with the big boys in pro street and 10.5……now if you could use these guys and run them in MSU only, but make them carry weight etc….. ………………so as to still encourage people to build stock suspension cars……………….. Just might help out untill other guys have builts some more cars.
    These are running….. already built cars that can race now.

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