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    SOLD thanks for the space

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    From what I recall chief only ran the gas a couple of times with further development and a better nitrous system im fairly sure it could have been a consistent 6-80 car in my mind that would be competitive still today in PSB All the power in the world is no good to you if you cant get it to the ground

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    Out of interest what weight was CHIEF at when it ran the classes first 6?

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    Will there be a Sydney event in mid may as in the past 3 years? Its the best time of year to set pbs records were set at that event every year and its comfortable weather to race in that time of year

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    Guy I tend to agree also I don’t know that having the funny cars there brings any more spectators thru the gate The people that come to watch the APSA classes will still come to a stand alone pro street shootout The other thing for me is the time of year this event has been held is generaly stinking hot (till the sun goes down) which doesn’t make it much fun sitting strapped in a stinking hot car Same with calder in feb itll be stinking hot out there too if it doesn’t rain calder only gets those two Maybe its cause im old but its much more enjoyable in normal weather

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    Car is ready but lack of crew (gone to vegas street car shootout)and a very ill wife mean I cant make this one but ill be back out next year
    good luck and safe racing to all that race at this event see you all in 2015

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    Guy don’t know about you but I would hate to have to go turbo just to be competitive or for that matter nos I just don’t particularly like either of them
    the hardest part of running a blown car on a limited tyre size is getting it to hook The more power you make the harder that becomes unlike a turbo or nos car who can control the boost/nos in the early part of the run
    I have nothing against allowing 14-71 std helix in MSB I realy don’t think it will make much difference as I said above more power will be harder to get it off the line without wheelspin
    As I understand it voting on any rules changes isn’t for a while yet so other thoughts on making blown cars competitive I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on it

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    I agree we need to get more/ the keep the blown cars we have in MSB the spectators love them A blown car can make the power but we don’t have the luxary of being able to control boost like a turbo car can so even if power made was equal the blown car is much more likely to turn the tyres leaving the line
    I don’t know what needs to be done to attract more blown cars to MSB however I think we will see more centrifical blowers coming to the class pity they don’t have the visual impact on spectators that the rootes blown cars have
    Would my combo make more power with class legal twin turbos— of course it would but I just don’t like them To make it a level playing field for all power adders by the written rules is an extremely difficult thing to do as i said earlier making equal power doesn’t equate to equal et,s for the various power adders

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    IMO a good hi helix 10-71 0n a 540ci engine could be competitive in MSB I just haven’t done it yet as I still have unfinished business with my little plastic engine

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    For one event a year 1/8th is ok it gives some of the slower cars a better chance of winning

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    ^^^^ What under the current rules makes it hard to compete against the frontrunners in MSB?


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    is outlaw extreme still a 10-5w tyre class or is a wider tyre allowed? im confused I thought its still a 10-5 class

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    well done scotty pity you have to slow half a second to not go under the index but its a class you helped create so so be it well done on the 7 anyways

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