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    can we all get together with JW & talk about were we all would
    like this class to be we need to stop all this shit talk it only puts people off 👿

    Do we index it ?????????????????? 😐
    Do we slow turbo teddys down 😆 😆 :mrgreen:
    or just race its 4 to 5 times a year & 2cars that are fast :roll: :roll: & not that much faster 😥 😥 😥



    Brilliant idea Scotty, the amount of discussion over the last couple of weeks has been phenomenal, surely if we can all come together we’ll be able to nut something out to make the class work for everyone.

    Who’s going to the Winternats in 2 weeks? Could we meet up somewhere there?



    A index should work but my only problem with this is the guys setting there cars up to get out the hole nice and easy and then feeding it full of boost to run right on the index! Personally i think the turbo rules need to be changed, bite the bullet do it once do it right problem solved!

    I’m all for a meeting at the winters, great idea Duncs



    Where and when? In bne as there seams to be a lot of interest up here? Maybe 2 meetings one in qld and one down south?



    I would come to see what the out come is
    I am not going to compete with the fast guys but will race any one any time as I race for fun.

    Wayne Newman
    PSS400 Racing
    Blown SB Green Camaro



    At this stage we think its going to be indexed guys…Johnny W wants to give that a go….and see

    Indexing will be something different and controlled
    That way everyone knows how fast they need to be and we think it will make for some very exciting Racing….
    No head aches and everyone knows where they’re at….Like I siad before Imagine a class of cars all from mid to bottom nines down to Mid eights…
    I think it will be one of most exciting classes to race in and watch….Indexed classes are very successful in the US….they do it with DYO classes…
    I think it will be awsome as heads up……

    If you wanna go faster Mod St Blown and OLR are for you to step up into…Now we need the racers to support else it will surely die…
    Good luck and lets see how it go’s….



    While in principal I don’t agree with an index, I agree with it over turbo restrictions for one simple reason. The 62mm turbo rule is still a small turbo for even a small block. Have a look at the VL’s mph, 7.98@168, some cars ran 178-179 for the same times that weekend, she is all out of steam. The next step down is mid 50’s size turbo’s, and with it a reduction in the turbine wheel as well. This would be akin to me asking a nitrous 555 cube big block racer to put 1 3/4″ pipes on their motor, it’s just dangerous for engine health creating backpressure and detonation. Long winded explanation yes, but in the future if things are changed, non turbo educated folks can keep this in mind.

    With this in mind if you want to slow it down, an index is your safest bet for the reliability side of things imo. I don’t believe you should lift the rules and weights, as already mentioned you will get guys running 8.50 at 170mph with a 1.5 60ft that will get down a track covered in ice, keeping the current rules in place along with the index will stop too much sandbagging capability. Before anyone says the above is so the VL will be capable of running, we have no intention of slowing it down and as such at this point in time won’t be running X275 so consider it an unbiased opinion 😉




    I like the index class hopefully with the speed capped there will be more entry’s and people won’t get scared off you might be able to loosen sum of the rules up as well



    I’m keen for index racing! Correct me if i am wrong Johnny but X275 did some 8.50 index in the states for its early years?



    I would have raced X275 if it was run when we had the Shootout in Feb at Calder, but as it was not a class for that event I ran in MSB, my PB prior to that meet was 9.0, I ran in MSB and as the field was combined with OLR we had enough car to splis the rounds between the top 8 cars and the slower 4 cars, I had a ball, ran three rounds against cars that ran similar numbers than me, could have won two rounds of racing if I had of cut a decent light. I had a absolute ball. I was running over 1.5 seconds off the fast cars, but it did not matter, I had a blast of a day. Knowing how easy it is in small tyres cars to blow the tyres off I’m even confident I could be in with a chance against some of the faster cars. I

    APSA Running chigago Shootout allows everyone to get a few runs in, what more do people want, no matter what he rules, someone will always have more money and power and run faster than other. all the classes have cars than run faster that other in the same class by a long way, look at the current top tens, spreads of 7.3 to 8.9 in MSB, 6.28 to 7.88 in 10.5 and around 1 sec between 1-10 in most classes.

    By slowing x275 down you might loose numbers from x275 to MSB/OLR, those classes are struggling a bit for numbers ATM, I think we should leave x275 alone and see what come of the next two rounds before we change rules and or set a index time.

    It could be much worse, we could have the US 275 rules and be running into the low 7’s (fark they are just about running 4.50’s in the 1/8th now over there), I dont think think we will see much faster than benzs vl for a little bit yet in x275.



    Another idea to slow the cars down would be either smaller tyres or less suspension mods? I agree with Kyle, you would not want to restrict the turbo size anymore than the current rules.

    With an index the next thing people Will be winging about will be traction control and electronics, imagine how easy it would be to get a car that has the grunt to run a 7.9 to slow down to a 8.5’s and be consistent, slow it down over the first couple of hundred feet and I would extremely reliable and consistent that the bloke who only just has enough power to run and 8.5 will struggle to match the consistency etc. If x275 is meant to be a budget/slower class, where does true street fit in, it will be a 8 sec class before we know it.dont hear the whinging about the times in that class.



    Whilst building one of the lower power combos in the class, i would still prefer it to be heads up, i just feel thats the way pro street racing is done.

    I think leaving it till the end of the year is a good idea, but i think that anyone building a tt 62mm combo needs to know that the rules may change (i.e. Build at your own risk).

    I will run either way.



    even though i think there needs to be change, id actually agree that leaving it is the right thing to do for now.

    at the very least you should be able to get some info on whats happening, what needs fixing, and (possibly) why youre not seeing the entrant numbers youd hope for.

    Im not convinced indexing it is the way to go, but if it happens ill support it, just as i plan to support whatever class my blown (real) street car on radials will fit when its finished.

    PS: if its indexed, would it be possible to show NO et/mph on the boards, might make it interesting to have no idea what the thing next to you can run, or how hard youll have to push to beat them, or how close you are to the index if you plan on sandbagging.

    Id also loosen the rules up regarding weights, mods etc, as long as the power adder and chassis rules are followed AND it “looks” like a street car, being indexed, the rest doesnt really matter.


    Mr. Cve

    have no fancy boost controllers. simple bleed valves on the lower part of the gate.
    no traction control.



    Imagine trying to police boost controllers, fancy ECU setting, ign systems with slew rates etc.

    Let’s try and get big fields using the current rules, if down the track we get say 16 cars we could split into two groups based on times etc

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