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    Heyy guys just wondering how many people are keen to run in X235/8.5 Outlaw class
    There is the link to class page on facebook
    So if keen go and check out page and look at rules and send a picture of your car in
    Link to Apsa willowbank X235/8.5 Outlaw event
    Also class will be running at the APSA meet 3rd October if they can get 16+ cars there if any less then 16 cars class is a no go
    When class gets out there more and everyone of the 100+ people keen start racing in it come and race alot in class there will be a pro and index class
    Here are the X235/8.5 outlaw rules
    There is a 9.50 index class and a pro class on 1/4
    And a 6.00 index class and a pro class on 1/8
    Pro Tree Heads Up 1/8 & 1/4 mile


    Must be based on a production car and can be made of fibreglass, carbonfibre, metal such as Doorslammer or Pro Street bodies permitted. No one piece bodies, no funnycar bodies, no open cockpit, no open wheelers or roadsters allowed.

    Cars must have at least two functioning doors being able to be opened both by inside and outside

    Open to all sedan based vehicles with doors. ¾ chassis or less

    No full chassis cars permitted.


    Any engine combination permitted. No cubic capacity limits on any engine combination

    Unrestricted power adders (nitrous, supercharger or turbo charged) multiple power adders permitted

    Dry sumps permitted


    Any suspension and NO WHEELIE BARS


    Computers allowed

    Data acquisition allowed


    No limit


    All vehicles running on radials, must run a dot approved radial tyre

    Max of a 235mm

    Max of a 26*8.5 non W Slick permitted.


    Sb NA no weight

    Bb 2100 lbs

    Sb Nos 2250 lbs

    Bb Nos 2700 lbs 4.840 Bore Engines

    Bb Nos 2725 lbs 5.00 Bore Engines

    Bb Nos 2750 lbs Over 5.0 Bore Engines

    Sb Single Turbo 2600 lbs

    Sb Twin Turbo 2700 lbs

    Sb Pro Charger 2600 lbs

    Sb Twin Pro Charger 2700 lbs

    Bb Pro Charger 3100 lbs

    Bb Twin Pro Charger 3200lbs

    Bb Single Turbo 3100 lbs

    Bb Twin Turbo 3200 lbs

    Sb Roots Blower 2700 lbs

    Bb Roots Blower 3100 lbs

    Sb Screw Blower 2750 lbs

    Bb Screw Blower 3150 lbs

    6 Cylinder Turbo 2400 lbs

    4 Cylinder Turbo 2100 lbs

    Triple Rotor 2400 lbs

    Twin Rotor 2100 lbs

    All vehicles must comply with current ADRL & ANDRA safety regulations relative to performance of vehicle

    Thanks luke james
    Turtle Motorsports

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