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    Just a quick question on what the guidelines are for this Rules Submission discussion???

    Reading through the posts already, its failry obvious who is for and against each topic. But my post is aimed at the site moderators or ASPA committe as im confused on what the general rules are for this debate cause youre having Prostreet racers commenting on Modstreet items, and vise versa.
    I dont think it realy should be of anyones business other than people in the class they race in to comment ….(sorry to put it that way).

    Before I add my $60 worth, id like to know so I dont offend anyone.




    100% agree Pete, if its not the class you race in and have no intention
    of ever running in that class, probably should not comment on that classes rules.




    Hope your not talking about me i’m in two classes now 💡



    Hi Peter,

    Firstly welcome mate good to have you on the forum. Obviously this is your chance to voice your opinion and have a vote on rule changes which will be locked for two years after this process is over. Anyone who has paid as a member, will get the right to discuss and talk and vote about all these subjects. It is all APSA members’ business mate, as we all support and want to see this sport grow, irrespective of class. In general people are keeping within their own areas of interest, but there will be those that have interest in two classes, committee and racers that are building or involved in building both Mod and Pro Street cars… We would like everyone to voice their opinion respectfully with no personal attacks and lets see where each discussion will lead us. Ultimately those discussions that have the most interest and support will be the ones that go to vote. After the committee observes and analyses which topics need to be addressed, they will be the ones that will give the final OK on what goes to vote. This is just a discussion phase NOT a vote it will be open for approximately three weeks.
    Ideas have been put out there to just touch base with members and racers to see where we all want this sport to go as a group. After this discussion phase the APSA will send out emails to all financial members and announce that voting is officially open. We will give members a chance to have their say via Polls on the selected voting criteria forums. We will leave voting open for approximately 2 weeks so everyone can get their votes in. Ths APSA committee is yet to give a date on when we will finish the discussion phase but that will be made clear by them next Monday…
    Again welcome aboard mate.



    Thanks for clarifying that !!!!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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