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    Hi all

    Here is my ‘in the build’ car…
    Started a few years ago, was involved in an accident while on a car trailer almost 12 months ago, but I’m chipping away at it.
    It’s my first real build and like most, has snowballed along the way.
    As it sits, the combo should look something like this:
    Shafiroff-built 565 BBC
    Reid-cased Glide
    Sheetmetal 9″ with Moser iron centre, Romac full floaters.
    I’ll put up info as I go 8)



    very cool, good to see somthing different.



    Mate I like that room there for the turbos behind the grill 315 radials you got it made,that car does look good with good gear keep working on it,you work in the mines up there?



    Thanks guys.
    Yeah on the mines, work in the maintenance side of things.



    looks sweet mate! chuck on some pursuities and it’ll make a good sleeper.
    It will look like a D’s car!
    Is it gunna be pro street or pro trailer? b nice to see it cruzin!



    Ha ha!
    I’ve been dared to do maccas runs, but who knows what might happen.

    Never intended to register it, so it’ll stay that way.
    To coin a phrase (from a genius) “I wanna go fast”



    Fuckin Nick where have you been mate?



    Some bits and pieces I have laying around, ready to go in.
    You lads see this shit all the time, but I’ll keep it here as a bit of a record on the site



    @BOTLFED wrote:

    Fuckin Nick where have you been mate?

    A long way from the pucken Bullet, bruss!

    Fancy meeting an earthling of your calibre here



    Took the big block down to JB Automotive the other week, first time I’d heard it run since I bought it 😳
    Pretty bloody excited, we set it up and pulled the string
    After putting more jet in it and playing with the timing, it was making 990+hp and an average of 815ft/lb
    Hooked a vac pump up and away it went…

    Pretty pumped now, just have to get it sorted!


    im amazed at how good a vt can look thats going to be a cool car be good to see something different on track should come in fairly light too i would imagine

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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