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    andrew M

    hey guys thought id put up a quick write up about my car,
    i sold my cortina i was building and bought the lj rolling as i was geting over not having a car running,
    i keeped my motor and gear box and fitted it in this car,a few victorians may reconise the car as its an older car,
    my plan is to run it for a wile then paint and trim the car and change it up over next winter,
    it currently has a 29×13.5 mt under it but will be going to a radial ,

    after checking over the motor it is 308cubes, a9l rods, good bolts, forgies, 2bolt block with girdle, ported efi heads, plenum, 85mm throttle body, 8x225lbs atomizer injectors, methenol, fuelab efi methenol pump, cran hi-6 ignition with ice 16v booster andmicrotech lt8 ecu, two 50 mm gates and two 60mm garrets with a powerglide,

    the turbo manifolds, dump pipes, intake piping and engine plate were done by racer pipes, (http://www.facebook.com/#!/racer.pipesfab) and 99% of parts supplied by dave and nath at auto parts pro(http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Auto-Parts-Professionals-Revolution-Race-Gear-Ballarat/136080876413763)

    hoping to get car to track over the next few weeks and start to get used to driving it before summer comes around and definitly am planing on sydney latter in the year for the prostreet meet,



    looks good mate, nice basic combo too :)



    Sounds like a nice simple combo like mine, what kind of rpms you turning it to?



    Good to see another boosted Holden v8, what boost is it taking to make those numbers on the Dyno?



    great looking car and some nice power to boot 😀


    andrew M

    cheers guys we turned it to 6800 on chassis dyno, on 16 psi it made the 629rwhp on 5psi it made 479rwhp,



    do you mind sharing some “rough” cam specs?


    andrew M

    sorry greenhj i dont have the specs , i will talk to the guy and see what info he has for me,


    andrew M

    as a few people might no and those who don’t i hurt the motor before i got to even race it,
    it spun 3 bearings and when pulled down the bores were pretty bad etc,
    the new motor should be finished in the next few weeks and is being put together by a local friend (SJH Race engines), then few other little bits and pieces like new glide , radials etc,
    motor is now 355 cubes, harrop crank, scat h-beams, srp’s m&w 4 bolt caps, VT block grouted,new flat tappet etc,now running a mechanical belt driven fuel pump, front cell etc,iv also changed turbos and moved there position,
    few quick snaps

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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