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    small update…

    got myself a turbo, scrap heap special :) sending it to Fred at Turbologic for a check and reco.

    cut my manifolds to fit them in the bay and work out where to v band them and how to route the cross over. will be sending these to Leigh at ETM to v band and make the merge pipe for the turbo.

    sending the v8 radiator to local radiator place to get the tanks modified, run both inlet and outlet on same side (drivers side) to keep hoses short and away from dump pipe.

    will be mounting the turbo side ways with inlet facing where airbox would usually go and run dump pipe under the car, using flat pipe for going under k frame to give me some ground clearance. (used a 47 to dummy it up in photos.)

    next is sorting out fuel system and wait on my mates to come over and give me a hand with fabrication the exhaust, rack and mount for the turbo.



Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)

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