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    I have a few questions as myself and a mate want to run in true street.

    First of all, seeing as though my car originally came out with a 245 and now has a 440, I am under the assumption I need an engineers report. In an attempt to run in true street, I tried chasing this down. After numerous attempts to get a hold of the previous owner, he never got back to me so I rung the RTA/RMS or whatever it is called these days. When I spoke to them, the lady said there is no engineers report on record for my car as it didn’t need one at the time the engine swap was done (I have had the car for nearly 4 years, the previous owner had it in storage for 8 years, so this would have been done at least 12 years ago). It was said to me that at the time of the swap, it was up to the inspectors discretion whether it needed to be engineered. If the car was safe, the car need not an engineers report, it just needed an update of records at the RTA with the new engine number. I thought she might have been mistaken so I rung again to speak to someone else for a second opinion, to which I was told the exact same thing. I then asked if I could get something in writing, I was told I could not as it wasn’t my car at the time it was done.

    I have never had a problem with registration and everything aligns with rego, engine number, capacity etc. So my question is, given the fact I have no proof, and am not allowed to obtain the proof as I wasn’t the owner at the time, albeit is registered, what can I do? Can I still run in true street?

    Second of all, can we run spring relocation kits in the rear? They bolt into the factory location, they have an offset bracket to move the leaf springs in 3/8’s of an inch or so……



    Delegate and official contact details for your State are in the Contact Section of the Website…Cheers..

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