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    Hi Guys,

    We all know how our cars are a group effort from those that build it, tune it, build motors and boxes etc….
    It is important to thank our Mechanics, Crew members and Car builders and fabricators and maybe give them a plug….
    I would like to dedicate this thread to those legends that get us to the track and racing and support us…
    They have just as much passion and love for Pro Street Racing as the owners…..
    Go ahead guys….I will start



    I want to thank “INOCENT Motorsport’s” Simon Kryger, for his on going commitment and experience that he has put into my car…
    Bro you are a legend and in my eyes one of the best car builders and “the best” Nitrous Tunner in Australia…Thanks for an awsome, tuff, Mod Streeter.
    Sam from Westend Performance….That engine perfomed flawlessly on the weekend and does’nt even know its working…..Thanks for your amazing effort and building the gun engine for me…..
    Norm from Northmead, that box just does’nt fail no matter what I do it….
    Red “Craft diffs”….Bullet proof Diff, you champ
    Vince VP Race Fuels….Roo16 there is no substitute

    Thanks to my crew Mich, Peter, and Simon’s boys that helped on my car..Tommy Raiko, and James….
    Could’nt do it without all of you…


    Tim Lewis

    I got one better! I want to thank the APSA! Iam the only guy from the states i know that follows the series and keeps up with what is going on down there. Johnny H thanks for hooking me up to be on here and thanks to all the friends i have made from this group of great racers. If my money and health come back around iam making the trip down next year. Steve Petty was telling me 2 years ago i should go down when he goes but at the time i just couldn’t make.

    I hope everyone has a great safe season on racing in the near future and thanks for all you guys do for the sport of drag racing which we all love.




    Wow what a massive shootout for our Grand Final Shootout!! Congrats to all the round winners :) Thanks again Ray and his crew for the great track and support.

    Well done APSA on yet another Series completed and what an impression I am absolutely positive it has left on the drag racing fraternity.
    Congrats to all the Series winners too. Well done and a big thank you to all involved in making the APSA events happen, especially Simon, Johnny H and Johnny W, the committee members and delegates.
    To all the racers and their crews in every field, you guys make it what it is…..friggin awesome!!!!
    I am proud to have been a part of APSA and taking our passion for pro street racing to the fans again this year. To have won the True Street title again has just put the icing on the cake :)
    I would like to thank my awesome husband Col for without him I would not be racing, him and Brett Reilly for being my crew, support and survival kit all rolled into one. We have had the best times together.
    Credit to Gerry Cooper from Advanced Engine Performance as I have not given any mercy to the engine that has been in the car the last 20+ months without any work done. I have raced it, played with it and driven it the last 2 years without a care in the world that it would let me down.

    My dream is to continue to race and better still mix it up even more with the guys and awesome chicky (Carolyn) in the True Street field in 2013……………..will just have to wait and see, ya just never know what may happen xx



    What an awesome weekend that was !!
    Firstly Congratulations to all the round winners and Series winners for 2012.
    Thanks to Simon, Johhny H and Johnny W for giving us a series to race in, nothing compares to Pro Street racing !
    Thanks also to all the delegates and Hewy, Steve and Andrew for all their hard work checking and seeding cars at all the rounds this year. You guys have worked your butts off.
    I have to thank my hubby Theo for building me a killer engine to push my way too heavy car down the track. Also for doing such a quick rebuild mid season, when i hurt it, so I didnt miss any rounds. You have no idea how grateful I am.
    I may not be up with the front runners but I still love being part of this whole thing and have had the best time making new friends from all over the country.
    To my partner in crime Janelle, I will be right there with you in 2013 wouldnt have it any other way 😆
    For now my car returns to street duty, with the air-con on, Summernats here we come 8)
    True street to the staging lanes in 2013 lol



    I would like to congratulate all the APSA team on a well organized and run series, Always bigger and better.
    WSID crew were all amazing and did a awesome job on the running of the event,

    I would also like to thank the people involved in helping me with the success of my car, Franky and all the crew from Dandy engines, Protrans, VP fuels, Regional Auto Electrics, Friends Restorations, Turbo smart,

    My dedicated Crew, my son Jonathon who keeps trying to snatch the pebble from my hand, Nick Poriotis, Dave Cornford, Enzo Mendicino, Steve Meli, Bani Vlacic, and I can’t forget the support of my wife.

    Congratulations To all the racers in the pro street association for all there efforts.


    Mr. Cve

    I too would like to thank APSA, but also like to specially thank Johnny Habib, you made me feel welcome, even though I am a no-name racer, and to me that was greatly appreciated. 😀
    My crew Damo, my brother Stephan and George from Haddad race cars and Engines all took time off work and helped me make the 2000kms round trip and we raced for the first time in Sydney.
    I must say… it won’t be the last !
    Also Pazzo and Campo, they also assisted me in what was a very trying 6 months ( the US post lost my set of Moran Injectors and I had no insurance 👿 )
    I also must say that Ray Treasure… he runs a very well oiled machine :) He deserves a mention here. I now see why you were so disappointed with the APSA melb meet.

    I didn’t get my 7, but an 8.02 on a back off, I know it is there waiting for me.

    Hopefully I can now make the top 10 national list ! 😉



    I too would like to thank all invovled in making this meeting and series happen,first time back in seat for 3 years.
    Thanks to Craig at the start line with WSID officials without the gentle words of encouragement we might not have got down the track.

    To my crew, where do I start a BIG THANK YOU,
    Mick and Deak thanks for all the years of support and late nights, Gill thanks for stepping in again to help with the engine.
    Wayne (Newby Enginneering) for the blower and fuel system setup, Peter (Newcastle Muffler Service) for the awesome pipes, Ted (US Engineering) for the gearbox that has never let me down
    Louise and Charlotte for being supportive and being by my side.
    Last but not forgotting my dear friend and mate the late Chris Hodge for building one tuff car for all these years, I know you were with us and watching over us.

    Cheers Dale.


    a big thank you to mark stewart (marks customising) and ian stewart (street fabrications)not only did they build me a killa car but they have crewed on it from day 1 without their help getting to and at events i couldnt do it
    also thanks to my crew chief allan farrer (farrer race and performance)who has also been there from day 1 always making sure the tune is safe and always looking for a way to go quicker consistently the fact that we have consistantly run high 8s with a little 355 holden engine and never having hurt it and theres definately more in it shows his input is invaluable to me
    thanks to the apsa for giving us somewhere to race other than dyo which i have no desire to race at
    its always fun racing with and against mates
    cant wait for next yr may be a surprise or two in the calander of events



    id like to say a massive thankyou to the APSA guys you are awsome making sure events are run smoothly and giving us some where to race its a credit to you guys and i think its only going to get bigger in 2013

    Now to my DAD thankyou for helping me with everything for building me a killer motor to power one of the heaviest cars in the class with the smallest cubes without you racing wouldnt be possible with all the time and effort you put into the car i am truly greatful, also a massive thankyou to Gerry Cooper for helping with the tunning of the engine without your knowlodge the car wouldnt be doing what it is, and a really big thankyou to my brother for putting up with me and helping with every aspect of the car with building and crewing at the track

    Now bring on 2013 carnt wait 😀



    on behalf of Joe and myself we would like to say a big thank you to the APSA and Sydney Dragway for putting on a fantastic show. Joe had a frontrunner blowout after the 2nd qualifier and he kissed the wall, so we decided to pack up and take the car home and come and watch the fellow racers. not even damaging the car could put a dampener on what a great day out it was. and what a fantastic show was put on by the APSA, not only was it great to watch but everything seemed to go soooo smoothly so well done to Ray and the rest of the Sydney Dragway staff. we were didn’t leave the seats from about 2pm till it all finished. we race at alot of events but the APSA ones are the ones we look forward to the most, it’s a completely different atmosphere, everything seems to be alot more relaxed and laid back.

    thank the boys that came out to help Norm @ Northmead Auto Centre, George and Justin. plus the rest of the boys that help and couldn’t make it out on the day Elliott, Keith, Danny, Grayson.

    Mario Teuma for doing all the chassis work on the car, we always get compliments on how well the car leaves the line and how straight it goes and alot of shocked faces when they realise it’s still on leaf springs. it’s because of Mario’s work and input over the last 20 years that has helped us achieve that.

    Jake Bain (Bain Racing) and Greg McDonald (GO-MAC Race engines) their combined effort under the bonnet, with all the fab work, engine speccing and building along with the tuning of Vince Rigoli (V&E Rigoli) has given us a little motor that has done 100’s of passes and 10’s of 1000’s of km of driving without even needing a freshen up (well it hasn’t so far, dunno how long it can go :lol:), i’m serious when i say all we have done with the motor in that time is check the head studs once and they hadn’t moved. you guys have surpassed anything that we wanted to achieve with this engine.

    Norm @ Nothmead Auto Centre, what can you say about Norm, without a doubt the best Pro-Street gearbox builder in the country, he has treated us more like a brother than a customer. we do over 100 passes and 10000km of street driving a year, we take it in for it’s service and the box is still like new. he has never steered us wrong and we know to listen when Norm says to do something he says to do it for a reason 😀

    also thank the media, guys like
    Mark @ http://www.fpv.net.au
    Luke @ http://www.fullboost.com.au
    Grant and Hayley from Cackling Pipes
    Rotorg33ek boys
    and all the other media for coming out, it’s fantastic especially when you crew or race and miss out on most of the racing to come home and see pics or video’s up of ur own car and of everyone else racing, thanks guys u are very much appreciated.

    we are looking forward to 2013, we are hoping to travel to all the APSA events with the Capri and the new Outlaw 10.5 and have funs with all u guys.



    Well Done to the APSA. What a fantastic event it was and well done to WSID for running the event in such a professional manner.
    Great to see all the cars out there and I cant wait to see what 2013 brings .
    For Myself, I have to thank Tony at Top Gun Race engines for building such a consistent engine that we have campained over the past few years. Went to 3 APSA meets this year and made it into 2 finals. What more can anyone ask for.
    Well done to Janelle for taking out the series once again. And well done to Peter Haravitsidis in his XY GT for taking out the True Street final on Saturday . Once again a slower more consistent car taking out the quicker car.
    Cant wait for 2013,




    I would like to thank all my crew Jess CortinaTony Carkeet Ross McCosker & my
    Crew Chief Paul Cortina . And some Good friends Stuart Henry Kyle Hopf Anita N Terry Seng Robby Abbott . And a big thank you to my sponsers Gazzard Brothers 6 BOOST / Advanced Suspension & Wheel alignments / Black Truck sales (DMAX) Protrans / TCE torque converters / Para Mount Auto-Performance / Stuarts Arrow Automotive / Mid City Paint & Detail .
    With out all these people winning the first X275 championship would not have been possible . We hope this new class will grow in 2013 I would like to thank Australian Pro Street Asscociation Willowbank Raceway & Sydney Dragway for giving all us Racers great venues to compete at X275TTFMF see you all in 2013
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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