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    Hi Members,

    On behalf of the APSA committee and delegates I would like to thankyou all for your input in rule Voting and the Discussion forums. These were very important times for the advancement of our sport and association and we could’nt have done it without you the members.
    Everyones input was taken onboard and as you can see our voting period is now closed and the members have spoken. The results are as displayed in the pole for each criteria.
    The rules will now be locked in for two years as of 30th June and these votes and discussions will be left here as a record on how APSA got the new rules and for interest of new members as a history of the voting process. This voting stage took alot of work and discussion and thanks to our committee, now we are done. APSA hopes that the changes we all (you the Members and Committee) have voted in together, will introduce more new racers and existing racers that could not race with us before. We also understand that it is hard to please everyone but hope that we have at least kept most of our racers and members happy. We have done the best we can to allow the changes in as diplomatic and fair as possible and hope the members were happy with the way it was done.
    Over the next couple of weeks we will get the rules updated in a clear, concise format in our rule section, as a referance for racers. Also we will allow racers a two month grace period to get their cars legal and matching the rules although most changes voted in were add-ons rather than changes.

    Now the changes are done, APSA would like to concentrate on getting some race meetings happening and as I have said before there will be some more exciting announcements soon. The rule changes are over, so LET’S HAVE SOME FUN. :) 😉
    Thanks again members for your interest and participation on the future of Pro Street in Australia.

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