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    How good is new street machine and dragster magazines, Awsome write ups and pictures
    really shows how awsome this event was. By looking at most of the pics not sure if it
    was a wheelstanding comp or drags… 😆

    Things are looking good for the future of APSA….

    Cheers T.O….



    Love the pic of Johnny laying on his side with the girls. 😀

    Good to see its getting better national coverage and more people seem to be taking notice of what APSA is about



    Yeah I loved it at the time tooo…The APSA girls were agreat addition to the show…

    That one almost got me a divorce 😆 😆 😆

    The coverage is sign of the times to come guys great for all of us and as TO said the future is looking very good.
    Big things are happening in the backround…….
    Pro Street Blown is going to be out of control and the sleeping Giant 10.5 Outlaw, hang on for that one…
    Also I think Radial is really going take off next year as well……

    It was a credit to all of you guys for the support……
    Im talking about Racers, the Crews that support them, the Engine builders, the fabricators, the many other automotive bussinesses involved, friends and families and the fans that follow what we do.
    Each and everyone of you have a part to play in the success and growing it further…..You are all part of the APSA family.
    While we have your support Johnny W, Simon K, Myself, the APSA committee and delegates will do our best to get us on the map even more, and get us all acknowledged for what us Pro Streeters (from the battlers to the high end boys,) all do.
    Well done…
    Big Thankyou to Street Machine Magazine for their years of support to APSA.



    Thanks heaps absolute brilliant coverage, an also thanks to all the photographers, video guys, other forum posters ect ect it doesn’t go unnoticed I am so proud of where APSA is sitting rite now it def heading in the rite directions I have so many ideas for the future but just one step at a time, we planted the seed and now we have a seedling wait til it grows into a tree 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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