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    1.5 Hood scoops permitted but restricted to 6” in height measured from the top mouth of scoop in a downwards measurement to bonnet.

    So is the 6 inches the opening of the scoop? Can the scoop rise after the opening?

    2.3 Dry sumps are not permitted.

    Is an external oil pump allowed?

    Cheers, George.



    One of the committe members can clarify….

    Question 1 …..Yes the scoop can rise above but the mouth “opening” is to be a Maximum of 6inch at it highest point.
    No ductape or scoop blocker will be allowed. The opening has to be part of the scoop body…

    Question 2….. We’d prefer not to, keep in line with the True Street Theme, so best start with a no go and try and avoid it….
    (I’m not sure if any other racers in True street are using one, so if there is, then this will be something we need to address….)



    Thank you Mr Habib 😀



    Pretty sure no one is using an external oil pump . On the scoop overall height was this not what Stu got challenged on with the red capri ???And made to remove it because it rose in height after the opening?



    Would be great if this could be clarified ASAP.
    I am just about to finish a new bonnet and scoop.
    IS IT 6 inches on the mouth opening only . Or can the scoop rise to 8 or 9 inches past the opening.

    Nick , True Street HX.



    I can’t really see what the issue is with the external oil pump is, it would be nice to be able to prime the engine easily.

    & yes it would be great if there was no grey area with the scoop……….



    I have been telling everybody yes on the external oil pump, there is no advantage and the rule only states no dry sump.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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