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    MY LC

    Hey guys,
    Looking for some comments from anyone that has had some experience with Little Chief heads and Nitrous.
    From most of the forums in the US I am getting the impression that because of the small combustion chamber on these heads the tuning window on the spary is very small and the chance of melting pistons is hi.
    Is there any truth to this or is it all BS

    Engine Spec.
    452 ci
    Little chief heads 457CFM
    Hoggans sheety
    twins carbs
    55mm roller cam.
    BME alloy rods
    300-400 NX fogger

    I am confident that these heads will be shit hot for NA but a little concerned that if nothing is done to the chamber when I spary the gas its all going to go pear shaped.



    a fast burning efficient cylinder head with nitrous will normally require the chambers to be softened and some added quench, and some extra attention payed to the camshaft opening and closing events.



    I concur with Stuey
    Also Piston Height and Shapes can come into play…..

    In affect what I have learnt from my big cheif 12 Degree BBC combo is by doing the mods required you will have to wash power from an already efficient head and chamber design to make it work on the bottle and even then with the flatter valve angles you may still be restricted as to how much you can throw at it as well as a very small tunning window…

    Seems to defeat the purpose of having such a special chamber and valve angle in the first place in my opinion, plus a little or big Cheif combo will cost alot more.

    The yanks do have 12 Degree Nitrous motors to chase max HP but they are specialised and only a handful of head guys know how to do them properly..they are now getting very stout times and reliable combo’s using 20 and 23 Degree motors and are able to throw big bottle HP at them as well..
    Here in Australia. Stuey Henry’s and Scotty Cortinas combo’s are great examples..

    With my thing I I have been through this whole excercise and was’nt prepared to send shit to the states and change rods pistons and get the head work and cam required…
    I also tried to pump Nitrous at it as it was and it really did’nt respond or like it…. So I left it aspirated its and awsome motor like that.
    Get a stout 23 drgree Nitrous dedicted combo and throw 700hp at it I say.. 😆 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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