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    Hi all,

    The rules votes and discussion are at the half way point. We have given members good time to put in their opinions and all opinions will be noted and taken on board for the committee to discuss.

    The next committee meeting will be next week some time to start finalising what the the voting criteria will be on….
    Even though we have more members than ever before, We have not had as much feedback as last rule votes which tells us gererally racers are happy which is great to see. After the committee meet next week we will put the voting criteria up for vote and you guys can vote for you want to be in or out…
    The majority will always rule and our members will have the final descision.
    I will keep you updated.


    Johnny H



    Voting will close at 8 Pm Sunday 29.07.2012…

    Thank god its over….Hopefully the updates should allow for some good competative racing and more racers to join in…
    Now let all have fun, show the fans our stuff and take Pro Street to the next level…

    In the past two years the growth has been very healthy….
    We are currently the coolest thing in drag racing and the Tracks, Racers, Sponsors and fans have been loving it…
    Its a credit to each every one of the APSA members weather they race or not, we did this together…..
    For those that have been dissappointed we feel its hard to keep everyone happy especially as we get bigger but hope you guys can see the advantages and benefits of the changes. It will keep us professional, racing competative, without any one power adder or model car having an advantage over the rest of the field…
    The APSA owners, Committee and delegates want nothing more than to see this form of Drag racing to grow.
    You guys have voted the changes in and we thankyou so much for your input and participation…
    Bring on 2013, LETS RACE!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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