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    I have brought this up with Johnny Habib,

    I know in some states full roll cages are legal but they’re not here in SA.
    Can we see an adjustment in the rules for this, i don’t have a problem with
    street rego but since the weight breaks are there…what difference does
    it make if the car is rego legal as long as it conforms to the APSA guidelines?

    Cheers, George.



    I was under the assumption it wasn’t a problem George, I’m sure there are plenty of cars in True Street with full cages that aren’t engineered.
    I thought it was just the engine swap that the engineers report was needed for and as yet I have never been asked to supply it at scruitineering.



    my cage has been, not sure if they have checked the tag in scrutineering



    I know yours is Janelle :)



    ANDRA newsletter today, here is a copy of an interesting update on roll cages.

    Removable roll cages rules now available

    New rules permitting removable roll cages have been brought in by ANDRA, providing a new way to ensure safety while on the track but also preserving the street legal nature of many vehicles.
    The specs for removable roll cages were researched extensively and tested by a team of engineers commissioned by ANDRA to determine the 8.00 second cut off.
    Roll cages will be required to be registered with ANDRA.
    The specifications for removable roll cage design are available on the Policies and Guides section of the ANDRA website, under the technical menu. Registration forms are available under Forms, in the competitor section of the website.

    this now answers the questions 😮

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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