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    andrew M

    hey guys, this is my cortina im curently working on, i purchased the car with the chassis work done, i am curently doing panel and paint and duming up a motor/plumbing ,
    jl race cars took care of the rear end,tin and cage in the car,
    hopefully have some colour on the car in the next month or so and the pipe work done ,



    Looks Pretty Tuff Andrew!!! Good luck with it. Big Block Turbo will be good see. Nice work….



    looks sweet as ….should run some healthy numbers with the ttbbf


    andrew M

    its been ages since iv touched the car but heres a couple of pics,
    few things have CHANGED,
    the cars being setup to be raced for 12months or so till i build a new motor due to money and time,
    hopefully should be running in about 3-4 months, just want it going !!
    will be puting radials on it at the start now also

    bit of a weird mix i no but something diffrent,

    355ci,two 35’s , microtech, alky, 8x1600cc boschs,, modifed intake with plenum,powerglide,


    andrew M

    hopefully pipes and cold side should be finished this week aswell as the intake plenum, just been modified to fit under the bonnet and run a diffrent throttle body,
    ill post few more pics next few days hopefuly for anyone who may be interested



    looks great. love seeing all this turbo goodness coming out, all the best with it.


    andrew M

    hopefully get car back this week, iv got few morethings to do like fuel lines, wiring etc, then of to get panelwork finished,and painted

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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