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    Okay guys before I say my ideas on weight and over drive ,I want to give u some information so u can compare apples to apples .

    This info is from several phone calls to funny car and door slammer racers, am also waiting on a email back from Oddy racing engines in usa.

    For example a door slammer at 520 inches

    14/71 at 50% over drive makes around 40 lbs
    PSI (screw) at 110% over makes around 45 lbs

    A Psi will make less power of the line compared to a roots blower, but a roots blower will start to fall of boost at top end where a screw blower doesn’t.

    A Psi blower doesn’t really make good air until about 80 to 90% over drive, in the states there is a class where they run psi blowers limited to 74% over drive and this averages out to about 28 to 30 lbs of boost.

    Okay my proposal still stands as previously posted run the weight’s as the same as turbos i.e.
    Small block 2900 lbs
    Big block 3100lbs

    Maybe we start of at 60% over drive limit for all, and see how that goes.
    Now this will make the PSI blowers run about the same if not a tiny bit slower that the unlimited over drive roots blowers that PS/B currently run, but in time as we see how the PSI blowers perform the committee may opt to increase over drive or reduce weight to make the PSI competitive against the rest of the field.

    This may open up the doors to a few more cars, or current cars that want to step up, and would be another very cool feature of PS/B



    Great research Baz …



    Thanks Habib,
    There is possibly one more option that could work to start of with and that is to run the psi’s at the same weights as the roots blowers, but limit over drive to 45 or 50 % over drive …should still work out about the same.

    But either way for me is fine, and most importantly still fair for other power adders to compete against.



    Hi Members,

    Ok guys I have done the calls and asked the committee to revote on the PSI ruling and unfortunately the votes still fell the same way…
    There are valid reasons behind each vote and running the revote has confirmed to me that we have excellent people and excellent process in place which to me is the most important thing behind our sport.
    I have asked the members if they mind me naming their votes for this exercise and reason behind each vote so it is transparent to you the members.

    Simon Kyyger…YES. Simon is all for the PSI’s and knows they will make big power but also understands that you have to get that power to the ground and feels that more power the better in Pro Street as it is a big tyre class..

    Johnny Wilson…YES. His sentiments were the same as Simons…and Johnny would like to see as much power as possible in the sport and move with the times…Both Simon and Johnny Wilson also want to let the couple of racers that have PSI’s to join in.

    Mark Arnold…YES… he is roots blower racer and knows how hard he has to screw the PSI’s to get 3000 plus HP on BAE engines he works on when crewing for the Cannulis Top Door Slammer. Bluey feels it will be much harder to get that kind of power with the kind engine blocks and chassis combinations we currently have in the Pro Street Rules.

    Dom Luppino….NO. Domenic is friends with a couple the Top Door and Top alcohol team owners and has experience crewing for friends with PSI cars. Dom feels that even with engine combos we have they can still make big power and if we were to introduce them they would need a further weight penalty over all the other power adders and possibly a Top pulley restriction as well. Dom felt, what is the point of letting them in if we did restrict them so much.

    Leo Vangelovski..NO. Leo also has friendships and experience with PSI racers and also is confident that they could make up to 3000HP with the engine configs we have in place. To keep parity and things controlled Leo felt that the PSI’s would not be a good idea for the Pro Street Class.

    Craig Hewitt….NO. Craig is currently building a Pro Street Blown car and is doing some major investigation as to which way he should go. Blower, Turbo, Nitrous. He has received quotes from overseas and all have given HP figures of 2600 to 2700HP with Top of the line 14:71 Style Blower, including with our style engine blocks and to Pro Street rules. For the purpose of this exercise he also contacted the very well known and respected Aaron Hambridge to see what he thought a PSI could do on a Tall Deck Standard Cam height Engine….The Figure was 3000HP. Craig’s sentiments were if we have dropped the weights on blower cars how can you again up them to Turbo weight. Even at the higher Turbo weight breaks they would still have an advantage over Turbo cars with the most powerful Turbo car in the class to the rules being Dom Lupinno’s Mustang at 2700HP.

    Mark Hayes…NO. Mark felt that the PSI are capable of making big power and with out, extra weight over Turbo’s and/or Pulley size restriction, they should not go in. Mark explained that in Outlaw Classes in the US, PSI Blowers still dominate over the Turbo combinations. Why introduce them if we are going to restrict them to keep parity when the current rules and new weight breaks will work so well. You can still make big power with conventional Blowers.

    More information, We currently have a Low Deck, conventional headed Big Block in PSB running 2300 HP with a Helix 14:71. Aaron Hambridge recently just built a similar Combo that Dyno’d at 2500HP with new and improved style 14:71 Blower. This motor is currently being built by fabricator Paul Saint at Pro Flo to come out into PSB. Craig Hewitt is getting multiple quotes for up to 2700 Hp combo’s built exactly to our current Rules.

    We all have ¼ mile calculators, lets do the following Maths with our current weight breaks…
    Nitrous, (Quoted to our rules) 650Cube BBC Three Kits 2000HP, Min Weight 2700Ib
    Blower, (Quoted to our rules) 540Cube BBC (HemiFord Possibly More) 2500HP Min Weight 2900Lb
    Turbo, (Dom Luppino’s example to our rules) BBF TT, 2700HP Min Weight 3100Lb

    These are HP figures based on our rules with much research done talking to the best engine guys here and in the states. In the third case I have used Dom’s as the example as he possibly is the most Powerful TT in the class.

    To conclude, the votes have fallen the same guys and I respect and understand every ones opinion. I have gone through the painfull process of making the calls then writing this, so our members can see how we call shots at APSA and how each and every one of our Committee guys have the experience and really think about the sport and not themselves.
    We do listen to our racers and hence the reason for this exercise. It is hard to keep everyone happy but I think APSA is calling great shots with a lot of thought going into them, which is important for the future of Pro Street Racing.


    Mr. Cve

    Gotta thank Johnny for putting it out there and trying.
    Also for detailing it here in such detail, for that you are a Gentleman :)

    The committee has many PSB owners, You can’t help if that sways the votes.

    From what it reads, you have Yeses and the other votes are No, because it won’t help due to the extra weight penalty.

    For the record I am NOT a PSB owner, I am a MSB owner, but one day PSB is where I would like to be, as I believe this is the pinnacle of this association.



    Thanks mate…..



    I want to thank Mark Haze for coming forward and saying he said “No” to start of with, shows good character,

    Thanks Tristan and Mark Rothwell, Simon, Mark Arnold, Johnny Wilson and Johnny Hibib and everyone else behind the scenes for your support on trying to bring a very cool thing to PS/B,,, maybe in two years the committee may see it differently …

    Not holding me breath but …Buy the looks of things you Nos Guys will need 750+ motors to keep up with the Hp, the 14/71s and turbos can make…

    Thank yon Johnny Hibib for the 8 page reply, nice work …

    Just for the record I, don’t agree with the No’s,, still think it could of worked.



    Hey Baz

    What is your current combo?




    A keyboard dude …Na only joking

    I bought a full steel LX hatch 2 years ago in Perth

    ..Man time fly’s …

    It had run a PB of 8.1 @ 160 with massive out of control wheel stands.
    Got it home to Brissy and had to comply rebuild it (every part), to fix up, previous owners stuff up’ s :roll: :roll:

    Now as it sits a 429” sbc, 10/71 hi helix, tried to dyno it with a small licensing 270 deg cam at 15% over and nearly broke a 1000hp dyno at 5000rpm so no idea what it makes, but shop estimates with my 290 cam and 40% over and shifting at about 9000rpm it should be a hand full.

    Box is 2000 hp Dedenbear with 5000 blower stall, diff sheet moly 40spline gun drilled, 15×33 rears.

    Since I have been doing a full rebuild, all panels are now Alfa race glass, windows lexen, carbon wing, twin shroud 430 chutes, 17” santuff rear shocks, santuff spindle strut front, craig burn’s currently building a moly front end, had to put in extra bars as car was trying to rip front end off, and now I’m at the stage of building a new rear clip as 4 link settings were too limited and wrong… and rear suspension travel was limited to 20mm of movement, yep that’s about it ….I wanted to be racing in September ,but now looking like December . Will probably weigh about 2600lbs race ready.

    And also half way through 2nd combo, solid cast alloy brodix 370”sbc, custom 10deg Buick style semi water jacketed JB1’s, with PSI D, and 3 speed lenco drive, going to sing at 10000 plus rpm 8) ,building this combo for super charged out laws use.Chase that gold x-mas tree.

    Can’t wait to get out racing with u guys, been wanting to race for ten years but only now , can I afford it and seeing the fastest car I have been in is a taxi, it should be a hell of a learning curve 😀

    P.S. my name is Nathan Korzeniewski but every one calls me Baz, last name to hard to say, there are pic’s of car etc on my face book page.



    did you try put it down the track before you started the rebuild ?? that car was always good to watch when it was over here

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