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    Hi guys, I am getting back into drag racing after having a few years out of the scene.

    Been looking into the True Street rules and regs, and while it does look like a pretty awesome class, there are some things that I just can’t understand.

    Firstly, it is called “True Street” and cars must be rego’d and also engineered (are they really?) yet being allowed to run race fuels and open pipes, which are both completely illegal for street use.

    I have only ever had one car which was “engineered” out of several cars I have built over many years, and it was engineered by a previous owner who required it for rego in his state. I did actually get it out of the glove box once just to have a read, and this stuff is nonsense and really gave no indication of the level of the build as I had to fix a lot of issues the car had due to not being done properly, and out of all my tough cars this was the only one that never made it to the track, and was soon sold.

    Race fuel. Anyone good with building and tuning tough street engines doesn’t need it, and I don’t see the need for it with technology now, there are plenty of ways to make big power with pump fuel with clever cam design and suitable compression.

    I don’t see this as being a class for me personally, I don’t care about pleasing the rego authority, and then running against what are virtually super sedan spec cars with number plates attached.

    Would anyone else consider there to be interest in starting a new street radial class? My thoughts are – aspirated street cars, pump fuel, 4150 carbs only/factory EFI okay, mufflers but dump at diff okay, no trans-brakes, ET street radials 255 max, rego but no concern for engineers approval, no extensive wheel tub mods, stock suspension mounting points but adjustable top arms/caltrac’s okay, under 400 cubes minimum weight 2600 pounds, 400 to 500 cubes min 3300 pounds.

    *Potentially this could also possibly include smaller engine street cars, turbo 6’s etc, but would also have to be able to meet the same rules and regs, with heads up racing this could get very interesting! No imports (Australian marketed models only) and RWD only. Weight breaks would also apply.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am just putting these ideas out there, as I am sure plenty of others want to build a tough car but don’t quite want to go with a setup of the very full on true street class. While I really respect and admire the racing that happens in that class, I personally don’t consider it to be a strictly street car class as such.

    Running in Super Sedan just because you have a 9 or 10 second street car is of little interest for a lot of street car guys, and I have no real interest in building another car limited to 11.00 to fit in with Andra’s super street rules.

    I may cop a bit of flak for this post, and that doesn’t really bother me. But as someone who has the experience of running to Andra spec classes in the past, I have come to APSA with this idea as I see this as being a bit more progressive in thinking, and creating ways to make racing more interesting and fun for all, without being lumped in the same old classes that have been around forever.

    Any thoughts on this would be great, and would like to hear feedback from others who would also be interested in such a class.


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