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    Hi everyone, just joined up and glad to be apart of APSA. Thanks to Johnny (doz08z) for the phone call the other week to answer all my questions relating to my car and APSA with guys like you in our sport it can only be a good thing. Hope to running soon in Radial class with a Buick headed s/b in a Vb Commodore.



    Welcome Mat,

    Thanks for the nice words. Simon Kryger, Johnny Wilson the APSA Committee ,Delegates and myself are doing our best to get Pro street lovers like your self back into the sport. We have people joining every week and thank everyone for their contribution.
    Matt has told me that he loves Pro Street Racing but has’nt had the time to get the his VB Commodore back out on the track for a while. The car has a dry sumped, Buik headed Chev that is capable of mid to high nines and has some big equipement in it. Mat has recently got motivated to jump back in and have some fun in his tuff VB. The radial class would be perfect Mat as the ol girl has dry sump and few things that quite don’t get her into Mod street or true Street. We welcome guys like you into APSA as there are alot of sleeping giants out there just waiting to be fixed up and taken back to track, for a good ol fashion thrashing. :) 😉

    Our eventual Plan with Radial racing is to have it split into Two classes. One that is more street orientated the other to be the full blown Outlaw we run now. This will depend on how much support we get for Radial racing. We can’t classify cars into classes until we see what needs to be split at meetings, and this can only happen with support from guys like Matt and attendances.

    Anyway Welcome again mate and if you can’t get out and race soon you are still one of us and are welcome to our meetings. Tell and Bring your mates, all are welcome. Post some Pics of the car, the ones you have sent are little small in size.



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