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    The committee has disscussed and feel there definately needs to be minimum weight adjustments in True Street. After much deliberation and research they came up with two scenarios as follows

    SB 3200Lb BB 3600Lb

    SB 3100Lb BB 3500Lb



    Both options are 400lbs apart.

    So much for listening to the racers, go back and read all the discussion, all suggestions were 200 – 300 lbs apart. The weights we are voting on were never suggested or discussed here at any time. I have no objection to the weight being put up as an option to vote on as long as the options that were suggested, discussed and supported by the “racers” in this class are also put up. And it’s too late because people have already voted.

    doz08z & Committee suggested SB 3100 BB 3300 viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2227#p15253
    bigrev SB 3300 BB 3600 viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2227#p15282
    doz08z agreed
    nos598 suggested BB weight be heavier viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2232#p15263
    doz08z repeated support for 300 lbs difference
    nos598 supported sb3200 bb3500 viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2232#p15266
    conrodv111 sb3300 bb3550 factory2900 viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2232#p15286
    ouc78 3100sb 3300bb viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2232&start=25#p15422
    BADSLE 3200sb 3500bb viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2232&start=25#p15979

    Please show me where the weights we are voting on were suggested and discussed.

    BTW there should also be an option for weights not to change so that those that do not support the change can have their vote.



    There was an internal vote amonst the committee and delegates at the meeting….

    A couple mentioned that with modern technology these days its not hard to get a big block pumping 1000 plus hp…
    Small blocks can also push big HP these days but will never be able to match the Torque of a big block…
    Hence the addition of the 100Lb differance….It was voted on by 10 committee and delegates to be either 3400 or 3500
    We also counted just the committe guys votes…Same result…
    I respect the descisions of 10 experienced racers with engine builders amonst them.



    We may as well not have a vote or discussion, the racers don’t have a say here the committee decided.

    Yeah sure more torque, it’s a shame they forgot this is a limited tyre class and more torque just spins wheels. Especially when small light cars that can’t fit large tyres now will have to add a lot of weight but can’t put a bigger tyre on.



    Any Steel HQ, HG, Camaro, Falcon, etc will come in at 3500Lb easy plus the rest…..
    True Street remember, all steel glass, Steel bars….Don’t understand what your problem is….
    Nick Boniko’s 9.3 second HJ comes in at 3600Lb plus…
    Its going to be very hard to get any Street Registered BB car under or close to 3500Lb anyway.
    We have all out Small blocks Lighter than 3100 struggling to get mid to low 9’s now they will all have to put weight in…
    What’s your issue…the descision was based on what the guys are seeing and to keep racing competative.

    Yes we do listen our racers…



    That’s the problem right there. We have already discussed this. Obviously you’re not listening.

    Why are racers in other classes contacting me and saying you guys have got it wrong? I’m a nobody. I’ve put that nicely, you don’t want to know what they actually said.



    Can’t see anyone else complaining but you mate…



    Hey john,

    Did the comittee talk about letting Glass Replica bonnets in/out.

    Whichever Min. weight is voted on, its just like the Pump/Race fuel deal. If everybody is allowed (Fibreglass), the individual racer can decide what they want to do.




    Hi guys/Girls just wondering why there is no voting on pumpfuel/exhausts /Fiberglass panels etc that have been hot topics for sometime!!!

    Kinda seems our choices are very limited….



    yeh i wouldnt mind seeing the fibreglass bonnets provided there hinged put up to vote :)



    After reading all your thoughts…..They were all discussed….

    Pump Fuel…… the committee siad leave as is (hard to police)
    Exhausts…….. the committee came to the conclusion there is nothing wrong with taking pipes off and it sounds awsome for the crowds..
    FiberGlass Panels…Disscussed and they all agreed this is a an all steel factory body class…

    Also FYI….There will be amendments to the rules for no removable panels and all hinges and hinged panels in place ..



    No worries..cheers!!




    Is this going to sway voters towards the heavier min weights??

    No shit stirrin, just asking.



    What time does voting close today ?

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