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    Hi APSA members,

    As some of you would be aware we started a class last year at the Jamboree & Compak Attak Sport Compact events called Outlaw 10.5. With all the hype around the Outlaw 10.5 (ADRL) style class exhibitions held lately, and that APSA has introduced the class, we’ve seen the need to re-name our class to Modified 10.5 which better describes the class.

    Our Modified 10.5 class is totally different to the ADRL Outlaw 10.5 and is designed for cars with a maximum of a back half classis. This means that most Mod Street and some Pro Street cars are eligible for the class. The class uses a Heads Up Full Tree start and races using a Chicago formate.

    We’ve had to make a couple of minor changes to allow V8’s into the class as follows. V8’s must be EFI or have at least 1 power adder. Examples of engine combos are:-

    -V8 with EFI
    -V8 with EFI & NOS
    -V8 with EFI & NOS & Turbo/Supercharger
    -V8 with EFI & Turbo/Supercharger
    -V8 with carby & NOS
    -V8 with carby & NOS & Turbo/Supercharger
    -V8 with carby & Turbo/Supercharger

    Basically it means that V8’s with carby only are not permitted. Full details on the class can be found on our webite http://www.sportcompact.net.au/raceclasses/modified105/

    So with that I’d like to invite eligible Mod Street & Pro Street cars to compete at this years Jamboree on August 21/22. The Jamboree is the 3rd largest event at Willowbank Raceway. The winner MTF will take home $1,100 in prize money & Runner Up $550. The Jamboree will also be televised on One HD and there’ll be a 3hr DVD produced from the event so there is some great exposure to be had.

    Entry fee is $130 up until 5pm on the July 28th. After that it goes up $50 a week until close of entries at 5pm on August 11th. To enter click on the following link. http://www.sportcompact.net.au/jamboree/onlineentry/

    If you’d like more details drop me an email info@sportcompact.net.au or give me a call on 0411 756 000.

    Hope to see you there.

    Ray Box



    Looks good, should add some numbers, big event with good media coverage. I ran 10.5 last year, chicago shootout and heads up :), i will be there again this year running on ET Radials.



    Hi All,

    So how’s entering the Modified 10.5 at Jambo? We had to jump through quite a few hoops to get V8’s & Mod/Pro Street cars included and we only have 1 so far. Did I waste my time? Entries close August 11th. Hope to see you there.

    Ray – SCG



    Hi Ray,

    I will voice this publicly as I want all APSA members to know whats going on.
    I hope you did’nt waste your time and I hope you get a few local V8 cars there hence why we let you advertise here. But as you Can see APSA has a dedicated Pro Street meeting only 1month away on the 18th Sept, pretty close to your event and we are preparing our cars and getting ready for this event. The 10.5 Outlaw Pro Street, meet is very important to us and the future of our Pro Street Calender and our racers are gearing up to support it.
    We at APSA appreciate you introducing V8’s into your event and are willing to support your events but this event clashes with our time table.
    No-one contacted us to discuss or arrange anything possibly why your not getting the entries. Maybe next time we could communicate and arrange something officially, together for our racers. Maybe even V8 vs Rotary Grudge matches which I think would be unreal…
    I sincerely hope you do get alot of local v8 entries but APSA is focused on the 18th Sept 10.5 Outlaw event at Willowbank.
    APSA love what you have done for the car scene even if it is mostly Jap Crap, 😮 and respect you as a promoter and would love to work with you.
    If you want to discuss further you can give me, Simon Kryger or Johnny Wilson a call.

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