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    col palmer

    guys while these proposed rule changes are exiting & should ultimately attract more cars to our style of racing i would ask that people also take into consideration that there are guys out there that dont have a top fuel budget that may be nearly finished cars .
    while i’m all for opening things up to let more cars in , lets not leave our current guys too far behind with too many changes all at one time ..

    just something to consider in the frenzy . 😀



    Don’t worry Col it is very good that everyone is leaving their input. These are just discussions and alot of them will go to vote. You must remember we realy need to advance the sport. Pro Street classes have died in the last couple of years. why??? Lets try and fix it as I know there are hundreds of pro street cars out there…..frenzy is good it shows how many passionate racers there are out there.



    This is a very important point that we should remember the cars that got pro street racing to where it is today and the cars that are being built to the current rules.



    Unless you step up those existing cars will fall behind and only be fill-in cars that make the fields look good..

    just my thoughts thats all 😐 😐

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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