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    HI guys, long time visitor, first time poster. I currently live in Hobart Tasmania and we have just put our house on the market to move to Brisbane South most likely (Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Cleveland, Mount Cotton, Capalaba, Carbrook etc) purely so I can gain a job in the engine building, engine research and development, restoration, generally tough engines and cars – street or drag. As you could imagine there is not much of this in TAS. I did my trade as a Motor Mechanic, after this spent approximately 4 years in a machine shop doing mainly cylinder heads and engine assembly. Since then I have been in the IT industry. I would literally kill to gain a position in a role as above and am moving states to do so hopefully. I have found over the years it comes down to who you know, not what you know. I would appreciate it very much if anyone you know or yourself has a position that requires someone dedicated to the task to let me know. I have built several street cars over the years, 302 Windsor TD Cortina, 308 VH and VL Commodore, 355 tunnel rammed VC Commodore, 308 GTS HJ Ute, 72 Camaro. I currently have my genuine L31 LH 1974 SLR5000 and a LX 4 door that is mini tubbed running a 468 BBC with methanol stack injection for my drag car. I just require the Powerglide and converter and it’s basically finished. I would live and breath this environment if possible as I believe for myself it’s a lifestyle which I enjoy greatly. I would appreciate any feedback at all and thanks in advance.
    Daniel Moody.

    Hi All, just a quick note to say it looks like we have sold our house after only a week on the market – pretty good going I think. 😀
    If anyone hears or knows of anything in the work I’m after however slight a chance their may be please let me know.
    I will be in QLD next month looking at different suburbs and rentals etc before we buy from the 6th till 9th so I can see someone face to face if required no problem.
    If you have a rental property vacant in any areas as above or near there please let me know. It would be good if there was a garage for my Torana’s 😉
    Thanks again guys,

    My mobile is 0459 350 308

    24th March – Hi guys, I have been trying pretty hard to find places that do work as above and have found quite a few via the web searching. I have sent an extensive email to some and from most I have not even received a reply – nothing unusual this day and age I presume unfortunately. Any leads would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    29th April – Perseverence paid off – I have scored a job at Ozrods located at Meadowbrook 😀 People there seem very nice and have a passion for what they do.
    Coming over very shortly so between work and Willowbank I will be busy – street Torana and drag Torana to finish off so bring it on.
    I hope to meet some of you guys also but I’m a newbie so be gentle 😉

    Dream killed big time – too slow I was told and I didn’t know initially how to tub a car, install a 4 link, setup the rear end geometery etc. If I was showed once I would have been OK as I’m a quick learner but they don’t have time for that – fair enough. :(



    Very nicely put….and with that sort of enthusiasm and passion I’m sure one of our readers will pick this up give you a call….

    My offer is, we have multiple teams that Run in Pro Street events in QLD and would’nt mind an extra hand in the pits and on the line where the action is…
    If none of the boys pic you up as a Pit Crew at our events give me a call and I’m sure I could get on a one of the 10.5, Pro Street or Mod Street Crews…

    Alternatively APSA is always looking for volunteers to help us run our events…We have two in QLD that you are more than welcome to be a part off….
    APSA is not only about the racers but the very important Crews and supporters that travel all over Australia with the racers ..They are just as an important part of it all……
    Hopefully this kind of involvement will get you in with many of the legends we have racing amongst our ranks and maybe even a career….
    Pm me and we’ll talk further……Failing that many will read this and possibly give you a call….

    Cheers Johnny H

    PS. Y have’nt you joined yet?


    Mr. Cve

    Have you spoke to the Guys at Confidyne ? at Ulverstone ? I know it is the other end of Tassie, but may be worth a shot, they also have a large truck repair yard.

    Believe me, Brisbane is much different weather to Hobart !

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