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    my breathers have slowly been closed off on dyno runs as things were failing (always the cheap things that stuff us up) and have realized while racing under boost the restriction in breathing is causing me grief as its pushing oil out the crank seal forcing me to quit the meets

    I know its not a big issues but while waiting for the nats I thought id get ontop of it myself to save workshop time

    need to do 2 extra runs from rocker breathers (dash 10 push on straight fittings) with dash 10 hose to a collector and then maybe dash 16 all the way to the tank in boot

    who is best to get this from?

    say 4 metres of dash 16 and 2 metres of dash 10 im from the bankstown region is this helps




    cmon fellas 109 views and not one response its not that hard of a question

    ill find it tks


    Mr. Cve

    Ok I will answer.
    I am not from Sydney, but I think there is a little shop near you called Rocket Industries. 😆
    They sell Aeroflow.

    Or if you want Australian made fittings MCSC, not sure where they are.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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