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    Im looking for the best place to get a race turbo 350.
    Want it as bullet proof as i can get as it will be behind a blown SBC.
    Whos the best value for money etc.
    Comp engines etc do a some usa imports for a good price but dont know anyone thats used one.
    Any help appreciated



    Fred from Protrans in Sydney. :)



    Unfortunately a TH350 will not take any decent HP, especially behind a blown engine. If you are really stuck on a 3 speed, you will have to go for a TH400.

    Then it does get a little complicated about the level of HP you want to put it through, and how many billet components you want to put in it. I run a Rossler XHD by Raceglides, and they are well known for handling HP levels of 3000+ (wish I made that much).

    Best advise i can give you is make sure you just don’t buy out of the USA as you will have to service/repair/maintain it, and need someone local to look after all the problems you WILL encounter.




    Cheers Pete,
    Since i posted this i have done some more homework & im now going for a glide.
    Its for an EH with a sbc with nos in x275.
    Problem is that i wanna put an 8/71 on it after the car goes straight and im not scared of it anymore so i need something thatll handle it.
    Lots of glides out there saying they will handle 1200hp etc for around the 3-4K mark but when i talk with any trans builder i get quoted around 6k.
    Il have to keep hunting i suppose & maybe a good second handy might come up from a reputable source.
    Be good to know if anyone has used a 3-4k one on something around 1000hp.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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