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    Hello my fellow Queenslanders, with the recent purchase of APSA, its now time to all unite as one. We had had our 1st committee meeting on Monday night and most of the topics that came up were some of the differences in the ruling between ASCAR and APSA, so now they will be up for voting for the people to decide and if they go through, which I cant see why they wont, then we can finally get on with it and get some meetings happening with all of us running under the one banner.
    I ask for your support in this guys, we cant do this alone and I know in the past things haven’t worked out. I also know you guys have payed moneys over two years ago and got nothing for it and i’m sorry for that, but things are different now and you have my word that things will run smoothly from now on.
    If you are as passionate about our style of racing, as I am, then its time to stand up and be counted we are not looking for world domination all I want is to become ONE.

    Johnny Wilson



    That will be good to race under 1 set of rules.
    If the ASCAR Radial rules get voted in which they will where does that leave the 15 OUTLAW cars that have just joined up & paid there
    membership money,where do we race now.?



    That is still to be discussed, but rest assurred that the Outlaw Radial class will go ahead….
    You ask “Where do we race now”? Right here Khaino don’t stress. 😉



    Relax Kain the rules you guys have been talking about will be the ones up for vote.



    This will be the best thing to happen to our sport.
    I hope that every body comes to their sences and this happens.
    If we unite as one we can only become bigger and stronger for all to see. [ie , tracks and spectators]
    An association run by racers.



    BENT 8

    Its good to see pro street will all race under one banner. 😀

    Only good can come from this 8)



    smartest move that apsa can have my full support and vote.



    ive got the words for you’s



    andrew M

    100% for the move one banner one set of rules 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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