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    Ok guys this is a list of all the people that want to run in OUTLAW RADIAL.If you would like you name added please PM me or Jamie (farmboy410) your name & the type of car you would like to run or nearly finished building & please fax your time cards over if you have run your car thanks Khain
    1 Farmboy410 TT Mustang ET 8.30@173 M/T 325;s
    2 Khaino T HR Holden ET 9.05@164.95 M/T 275’s
    3 Warren Lee TT LC ET 9.54@130 Hoosier 325’s
    4 Force8 T XW
    5 Anothony Briggs T BA Cortina
    6 Steve Metcarlfe T RB30 LJ
    7 Pistolpete T Camaro
    8 KD747 T Camaro
    9 PIG 383 N Torana LH
    10 Tony Wilson N LJ ET 8.78@155 M/T 275’s
    11 OKE020 T KE20 Corolla ET 8.40@172 M/T 275’s
    12 Botlfed N Torana LH
    13 FUNGOO N/A SBC Sigma
    14 Rick McGavigan N Mustang
    15 IMA400 N/A SBC LC ET 9.26@143 M/T 325’s-
    16 Andrew M T TC Cortina
    17 Bruce Martin N/A XY ET 11.0@119 M/T 275’s
    18 Robby Abbott TT Mustang
    19 Tim Kreis 13BT Rotary Cortina
    21 Darren Dubbelman N/A Torana LH
    22 Gazzard N HG Holden
    23 Elvio Gonzalez T LS1 Carpi & BBC Carpi
    24 Girch Newman VT Calias T LS1
    25 Jerry Kehl RX7 20B
    26 ooh30T RB30VL
    27 GASDUP TT TC Cortina
    28 je308 T Torana LH
    29 Rodney Bourne N LH Torana
    30 Shane Baker VH TT 10.1@133
    31 MYT427 Torana N/A 10.95 @123
    32 guru600 TT camaro 8.83@163



    Wow, looks like there is some support comming through now guys…..

    Hey Khaino and Jamie the best thing to do with the Time cards and information you collect is
    email them to please.

    If anyone else wants to support send there information can they do the following:

    You need to be a member before doing all the following steps..
    Send an email to ..The email should contain..
    1. “RADIAL Time card” or “New RADIAL car”… in the subject field
    2. A picture or your car
    3. A picture of the time card,
    4. Your name and address.

    If you have any problem email or Pm Jamie and Khain and we will try and help…

    I know its a bit of stuffing around guys but it is pretty easy really…
    We are willing give this a recognised class that will have its own TOP10 it will be an effort on our behalf
    so a little effort from everyone will be needed and APSA can make this happen. We can do it together.

    Once I have a clear list with active racers names and ET’s then I can use it as proof and validation when I submit it to the APSA committee which I’m sure will approve it. I have also discussed this with the magazines and they seem supportive but i will need their aproval as well…
    I think this might be a goer…..WoW Australias first fully blown Radial Class….Exciting


    col palmer

    khain put me down also ….

    col palmer …6 x 4 box trailer , 5.5hp briggs & stratton on the bottle .

    guys good luck with this it looks like being a killer deal !



    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆



    lookin at the list my stroker vh better stay in true street ….wow this class will be awesome



    im thinkin this sounds sweet for so many cars . You only have t look at the us radial; cars to see how quick they can be. I am going to give them a go .



    BADSLE we want cars like yours in our radial class there will be planty of cars running in the 10s 11s and so on its the grass roots of racers we want to attract its guys like you who will be running quicker each year after year. My turbo capri started off running mid 11s then after a year ran 9.0 my mustang first time out ran high 9s now low 8s its just natural progression.its the support we need from guys like you and as a club we can support you.In time when we have large numbers we can move to have differant rules or classes but for now we have to get this baby to walk.Dont worry about the quick cars in radial racing i have been top qualifier yet been beatin by a slower car,when i won in the capri i was slower than Robs monster xb and Shane Greenbergs xd yet i won, anything can happen in radials and normally does.



    ill have a go aswell.



    Good on ya Jake good to have you on board ya going to love this,that mad machine of yours going again?



    Sounds like fun! I’m in for sure…



    just fitted up those 315 65 im in



    How many people have sent in they’re email with a pic and details?…..I have…



    So far two people have sent in Pics of their cars. Chris attard also sent his time card. Lee I take it you have’nt raced on radial’s yet. All good happy to have your Pic.

    So far on the unofficial Radial list Chris Attard is number 1 with 9.2@143 on radials. Nice Pic Chris.



    Yep Chris thats exactly what I’m talking about wheels up no chicken sticks, radials that picture tells a thousand words



    My car is still in the build johnny…….but im gunna support the class all the way.

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