APSA 2015–beyond Strategic Committee

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APSA originated in the late 1980’s and formation in the early 1990’s has taken on various paths and experienced steady growth and support around the country. It will always be a difficult task to have rules to suit individuals, but rather an objective outlook has to be taken to ensure “level competition” and the sports sustainability/growth is the focus of the APSA.

APSA is strategically guided by a Committee, all who have been selected for their individual areas of expertise and recognised commitment to the sport. In effect these Ambassadors of our sport, will ensure we are taken seriously as a professional and growing Drag Racing Group. All major rule or directional changes of the APSA will be governed by this committee to ensure a fair and unbias direction to any matter or potential change.

We would like to thank the previous committee members whom have served the APSA well until recently, and ask you to welcome and support our current Strategic Committee:

1. Ray Treasure, Ray has been actively involved in Drag Racing in many roles throughout Australia and overseas.  Ray has been a staunch supporter of Pro Street and Pro Street racing for some years now and is well known for his more recent involvement in making Sydney Dragway into one of the country’s leading tracks. Ray will be managing all aspects of the APSA run formats, schedules, and also guiding the Strategic committee with all matters. Ray has the final say on all matters race day.

2.Domenic Luppino, Dom, is a well known APSA racer and active promoter of Pro Street. Dom is well known for his PSB Twin Turbo Mustang, and now his 67 TT Radial/10.5 Mustang. Dom has supported Pro Street Racing for years and a level headed, fair businessman that has and can help our sport grow. Dom represents Victoria on the Strategic committee.

3. Craig Hewitt,  Craig could be described as one of  the most consistent Pro Street Blown
racers in Australia. Multiple shootout wins, and bracket runner ups, Craig knows what it takes to be at the top of his game. He lives and breaths Pro Street racing (as all our members do) and has sponsored many Pro Street events via his business “CBH Engineering”. Craig is a level headed unbias bloke that wants nothing but the Sport to grow, representing NSW.

4. Big Leo Vangelovski, Involved in APSA and Australian Pro Street racing from its origin, Leo is one of the most experienced APSA racers in the country. He has always been competitive with his MS, Fluro orange Torana Lx and runs his own workshop “BL Automotive” out of Wollongong. Leo is very passionate about pro street racing and wants nothing more than to see the sport grow. Leo is well known and respected in the racing community representing NSW/Wollongong.

5. Frank Mamone, Frank doesn’t need much of an introduction in Australia or the USA as hes well know for campaigning his black Outlaw 10.5 Nova and a big supporter of Pro Street and Outlaw 10.5 racing. Frank is a true racer, “who just wants to race”, is well respected throughout our community, and wants to grow Pro Street Racing. Frank is a great supporter of the APSA and always offering transport for our racers around the country via his Business – 5 Star Transport. Frank represents NSW.

6. Mark Arnold (Bluey), Is a long time experienced and respected Pro Street racer with a wealth of knowledge in building cars and involved in helping many other very well-known racers get their cars to tracks around Australia and perform well. Bluey is well known as a fair reliable and impartial guy that makes decisions only for the good of the sport we all love. Mark represents our QLD member base.

7. Craig Brewer, Craig has been around Pro Street racing for many years, known for racing in PSB with his Green HR Panel Van with success.  Craig is an experienced Chassis builder whom brings us a wealth of technical experience from his Pro Pipes business in Melbourne. Craig is also our National Classifier, who has final say on all matters to do with class legality, etc. Craig represents our VIC member base.
Selecting a suitable Strategic Committee is not an easy task and the above members have been selected for these roles as they all bring something unique to the APSA ( in their own area of expertise), and primarily a fair unbias view and passion for the APSA with the goal of bettering our sport.

Run fast and stay safe
Peter Pisalidis

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